I am GIDDY with this month’s free gifts with purchase!! Valor is my JAM! Envision is my go to for Bible study, Clarity when the brain fog is just too thick, EnRGee when I need to move and don’t wanna & same with Motivation! Then those gorgeous rollers! I CANNOT wait!

100 PV Order

With any 100 PV order this month, you’ll receive free shipping as well as a 10% off coupon code to help a friend on their first YL order.

+Got a mama friend who needs a little energy? Super B
+Same mama friend need those kiddos to GO TO SLEEP ALREADY? SleepyIze or Tranquil
+Friend from work need some help with exercise recovery? Aminowise & Deep Relief
+Neighbor need to ditch some toxins? Diffuser + oils instead of candles & Thieves Bundle to tackle that spring cleaning.

Helping a friend get started is JUST THAT. After all, you’d share a coupon for your favorite restaurant, right? Help them grab some of our amazing products. You love them. They will too! 

190 PV Order

With any 190 PV order this month, you’ll receive a free 5 ml bottle of Envision!

Black Spruce | Geranium | Orange | Lavender | Sage | Rose

Stimulates creativity, initiative, resourcefulness, and hope in the future. Great for planning/goal setting, prayer, meditation, when you’re feeling uncertain, and homework time.

I love it diffused with Orange. Or in a roller with Orange. Or in a room spray with Orange. Seriously, pair it with Orange (or use it by itself)-you’ll love it!

190 PV Order on Subscribe to Save/ER

With any 190 PV order on STS/ER this month you’ll receive a 15 ml bottle of En-R-Gee!

Rosemary | Juniper | Lemongrass | Nutmeg | Balsam Fir | Clove | Black Pepper

Friends, this is your GO TO oil for adrenal support. Your adrenal glands deal with stress levels and produce hormones like cortisol (anyone else have extra “fluff” around their belly & thighs?). It also produces hormones that help regulate your metabolism, immune system, blood pressure, as well as helps regulate your fight or flight. So, how do you use it?

Pop a roller fitment on that bad boy and roll your adrenals every day in the morning. (Your adrenals are on top of your kidneys.) Be consistent, and I promise you’ll notice more energy and a better response to the stress in your life.

190 PV Order on Subscribe to Save/ER

When you place a 190 PV order on STS/ER this month, YL will send you a free 5 ml Clarity!

Basil | Cardamom | Rosemary | Peppermint | Coriander | Geranium | Bergamot | Lemon | Ylang Ylang | Jasmine | Roman Chamomile | Palmarosa

One word. FOCUS. Clarity is my go-to oil when I need to clear my mind, focus, and get stuff done.

+Diffuse with Peppermint or alone.
+Add 10-15 drops to a 10 ml roller, top with carrier, and roll the back of your neck, your wrists, behind your ears, and the notch where your neck meets your skull.

250 PV Order

Place any 250 PV order this month, and YL will send you these gorgeous roller bottles! Need some recipe ideas to fill them up?

+Inspire: add 10 drops Envision & 10 drops Orange, top with your favorite carrier

+Focus: add 15 drops Clarity, top with your favorite carrier

+Motivate: add 15 drops Motivation, top with your favorite carrier

300 PV Order

Place any 300 PV order this month, and YL will send you a 5 ml Valor!

Black Spruce | Camphor Wood | Blue Tansy | Frankincense | Geranium | Caprylic/capric triglyceride

Uses for Valor include instilling bravery, confidence & courage, supporting proper spine alignment, on your jaws at night if you grind your teeth. There’s a reason we call it the chiropractor in a bottle!

I keep several bottles on hand, it’s a great oil to add a roller fitment to so you can just swipe away.

+Inspired: Valor, Lime, Envision-equal drops
+Sweet Sleep: Valor, Stress Away-equal drops
+Focused: Valor, Peppermint, Cedarwood-equal drops
+Summer Peaches: Valor (3 drops), Orange (3 drops), Cedarwood (2 drops) — this makes a great room spray too!

400 PV Order

When you place any 400 PV order this month, you’ll receive a free 5 ml bottle of Motivation.

Black Spruce | Ylang Ylang | Lavender | Roman Chamomile

Motivation is a fun oil to learn about. You’d think it’d just help you flip a switch and get stuff done. Ironically, it’s full of relaxation oils! That’s because it helps you LET GO of limitations, things that are keeping you stuck instead of moving forward. And that, sweet friends, is how we get stuff done.

My favorite way to use Motivation is to put one drop on the very top of my head. I find it most effective that way, but I also love to diffuse it alone or with some Orange. 

Y’all is this not a knock it out of the park month with these free gifts with purchase or what?!

If by chance you aren’t a part of the YL community yet we would love nothing more than to plug you into our precious community and live this oily life with you! Simply go grab you oils via this link!http://www.Littledropsoffaith.com/getting-started

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