When I found myself at a crossroad between losing my sanity or choosing to enjoy the changes that life brings, I picked the road that would leave me feeling most satisfied. I am so thankful for Joy, an essential oil blend from Young Living, to help me along the way. The exotic blend of Lemon,…

Citrus Fresh

When I got this bottle of Young Living Citrus Fresh, I thought, well, that’s nice.             But when someone mentioned I could cook with it, I was super pumped! Who needs to go out and purchase those little bottles to flavor your water or the bottle of extract from the…

Stress Away

The first time I dropped a couple drops of Stress Away in my diffuser I was in love!  The most prominent aromatic oils in the blend are Lime & Vanilla… two of my favorite scents of all time!  With Stress Away, I am thrilled to experience their relaxing and enlightening effects in their purest form….


Hello friends, Amanda, here! I’m excited to tell you about one of my absolute favorite oils from the Young Living Premium Starter Kit: This little oil has truly changed my entire outlook on Essential Oils. When I first ordered my kit, I wasn’t quite sure if I really believed they actually worked like everyone said….