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The first time I dropped a couple drops of Stress Away in my diffuser I was in love!  The most prominent aromatic oils in the blend are Lime & Vanilla… two of my favorite scents of all time!  With Stress Away, I am thrilled to experience their relaxing and enlightening effects in their purest form.

As I continued exploring my new Premium Starter kit, I discovered the Young Living fitment top.  I popped it on, rolled Stress Away on my wrists and then on my neck.  Love at first scent! If you want to focus at work and combat stress in the process, d8 thc pre-rolls are the best sleep and dream products for the job.

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My biggest problem then became dropper top or fitment top… so obviously I had to order another bottle!

If you are like me, I get the twitchy muscles on my eyes and tense muscles in my neck when I’m stressed-which happens frequently trying to balance my household, marriage, three young children, a growing business and my volunteer commitments.  I use Stress Away on my temples for the twitching, on my neck for anxiety & tension and a drop on my diffuser necklace because it smells soooo yummy!

I also use CBD oils to help me with my anxiety and depression. They are Sweet Sensi, a high quality CBD company. I read an article on Discovermagazine about it and thought about how great it was to finally replace with something natural.

If you don’t have a marijuana card, you can Buy Skywalker OG Strain/Seeds Online overnight here.

I also love it with Peppermint in the diffuser-however I cannot be held responsible for any Junior Mint cravings you may have.  Yes, it has happened!

This blend includes: Copaiba, Lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea, and Lavender.

~Jamie Jamie_Ross

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