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I’m going to tell you a little bit about my favorite Young Living Essential Oil… LAVENDER! The Swiss Army Knife of Oils!

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Speaking of knives, I had a KILLER cut on my finger from a cooking accident THE DAY my kit came in the mail.  What a blessing that little bottle of lavender was! I rubbed some of my lavender straight on my cut and could tell within 45 minutes that the wound was closing.  (Now, don’t take me the wrong way here. You should DEFINITELY go to the doctor if you have a super deep cut.  I knew mine wasn’t deep enough for stitches so just treated myself).

You may be wondering, “What’s your favorite use for lavender, Sarah?” Well, let me just tell you.  MY CHILD IS FINALLY SLEEPING.  After 17 months of no sleep, lavender and cedarwood combined in our Bamboo diffuser (2-3 drops each) each night, has been our answer to many prayers.  I was being a horrible wife and mommy because I had gone 17 months of waking every 2-3 hours (minus the OCCASIONAL 8 hour stretch).  Getting no sleep can really take a toll on your body, your immune system, and your attitude.  I could tell that topically applying lavender + cedarwood was somewhat helping because my child was like dead weight when she would wake occasionally in the night instead of her usual, peppy self.  It wasn’t until I took a leap of faith and bought the Premium Starter Kit, that we finally started seeing FULL NIGHTS of sleep! What a blessing.  I knew the Lord would answer my prayers in His time, and this was His answer.

One of my favorite daytime diffusing combos is the Allergy trio + thieves.  I LOVE diffusing lavender, lemon, peppermint, and thieves together.  Our family used to constantly be sick (thanks to daycare) but we have yet to get sick since starting to use our oils (well, I take that back, Callie had a quick fever virus.. . but that’s it).  I have also LOVED throwing on some lavender (neat) onto the bridge of my nose when I’m feeling stuffy.  WARNING… your nose will likely start to run immediately following application… have tissues handy.

My nighttime routine now consists of a face wash with Castile soap, lavender, and frankincense. After I wash, I apply a serum of Jojoba oil, lavender, purification, mel-a, frank, and melrose. (woah… that’s a lot).  Then to finish things out, I mix 2 drops of jojoba and 1 drop of lavender in my palms and press around the orbital bone of my eyes.  I can’t wait to try some Young Living Skin Care, but this new nighttime routine has been so refreshing thanks to my Lavender :).  I have also heard of many people putting Lavender in their shampoo and Cedarwood in their conditioner.  Lavender is such a key component for many  beauty products!

I KNOW I’ve left so many uses of Lavender out of this short blog post, but I just wanted to let you all know what I LOVE about this wonderful oil!


Sarah Cook

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