Thieves is an awesome addition to the premium starter kit! This oil is the one you want to have on hand especially during cold and flu season. Thieves is kind of like lavender in that it does SO MANY THINGS.

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You can diffuse it, rub it on the bottom of your feet or take internally to relieve cold symptoms. Some people do this everyday to help boost immunity.

It is also great added to tea (with lemon too!) for a sore throat. Thieves can even be applied straight to a tooth to relieve a toothache.
My favorite use so far has been using thieves as a cleaning agent! Young Living has an amazing line of thieves based cleaning products, but you can also make your own with the essential oil itself. From bathrooms, floors, to counter tops, I have been disinfecting my house with thieves. It is anti-bacterial, kills mold and airborne germs and as a plus–it does not give me headaches like some heavy duty cleaners do. I also feel safer using it in my home since it is chemical free.
There are plenty other uses for thieves. It is a great, versatile oil!

Kaitlin Ferguson

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