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“Pain in the Butt” from Ringgold, Asks Abby:

I have tried so many things but hemorrhoids keep coming back for me! Especially when I start working out. I have had hemorrhoids off and on since my first childbirth seven years ago. I would like to completely eliminate them without having surgery. What essential oils would help relieve the “symptoms” but also get rid of them completely? The doctor has told me that they would just go away, but I would like to speed up the process.¬†


Hemorrhoids are something we have, most likely, ALL dealt with.

They are not fun, and they are embarrassing.

Some symptoms of hemorrhoids are: bleeding during bowel moments, rectal pain, and itching.

The Essential Oil Pocket Reference (EOPR) has many recommendations for dealing with hemorrhoids.

I’m going to share a blend that worked for….. ME! I had the symptoms of hemorrhoids and helped myself accordingly.

Whew, admitting that was not as hard as I thought it would be.

Yes, I personally had a an uncomfortable spot for many months when one day I thought, “Hmm! Why have I not applied some oils?”

I pulled out my handy dandy EOPR and saw recommendations for the issue. I had 3 of the essential oils mentioned: Lemon, Peppermint, and Cypress.

I had more oils, I just decided to start off small and with trial and error.

Now, I would recommend you dilute this with a carrier oil, I did not. It burned!

That is your warning ūüėČ

So, for me, I just took 1 drop of each of the oils– Citrus Fresh (I opted to use this blend of Citrus oils and Spearmint), Cypress, and Peppermint. I applied to the affected area. It did burn!

pain in the bum

No joke, I did that for 2 nights in a row, and it was completely GONE!!!!!!

This worked for me… and very quickly too. The discomfort was gone after application and I have not had problems since.

Now, the EOPR does have to blends I would like to share with you.

Blend No. 1

4 drops Basil

1 drop Citrus

1 drop Cypress

1 drop Helichrysum

Mix with Rose Ointment for dilution and easier application.

Blend No. 2

4 drops Myrrh

3 drops Cypress

2 drops Helichrysum

Mix with Rose Ointment for dilution and easier application.


-You may apply the oils neat or diluted, depending on the oils being used.

-You can use a rectal implant of your choice of the above formulas; place in rectum with a small syringe 1 time every other day for 6 days. It is best to do at night so that you can retain it as long as possible.

-Apply 3-5 drops diluted 50:50 on location. This may sting but usually brings relief with 1 or 2 applications.

There area also some suggestions for taking the oils internally too if using them topically does not work.


I hope that if you are suffering from uncomfortable bowel movements or hindered activity due to hemorrhoids, you will give this a try. I know it can be embarrassing to talk about. But, Hey!, I did.

We, of course, LOVE to hear success stories. Please let us know if this works OR if you have tried something else that has worked. Our Facebook members page is a great place to share what has worked for you. We all love learning together.

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Abby Wilkey is a trained doula. She has worked alongside a homebirth midwife and also birthed her two boys at home. She is a stay at home wife to a loving paramedic. Abby loves using Young Living essential oils for her family’s health and wellness. In her past time you can find her sipping coffee (with a straw to protect those pearly brights!) or baking homemade bread and donuts! Abby is not a doctor, physician, or chiropractor. Therefore, she cannot treat, diagnose, or prescribe treatment for any issues. What she can do is speak from experience and wisdom while also seeking knowledge through scientific studies and research. 


References : Life Science Publishing. (2014).  Essential Oil Desk Reference: 6th Edition. Location: Life Science Publishing.  

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