Hey Drops of Faith Members! Can you believe it is August already!?

Crazy I know!

So here’s the deal, we know we have lots of new members and we have seen so many of our “old members” growing and learning like crazy about essential oils, and we are loving it! We want you all to know we are here for you along this oily journey. We’re in this together. And friends don’t let friends miss out on free stuff!

So here is our “Drops of Faith Special” for the month of August:

Any member that is not currently on ER (essential rewards) we want you to join us!  So anyone who signs up for ER during the month of August will receive a set of free bottle labels, 2 samples of oils outside the kit and a surprise from your upline!


We have an entire file and video within our Members only FB group on how to set up your ER. Please check there for step by step instructions or head on over to the VO, click on ER on the left and follow the prompts.

Donna Wysong from Boise, ID


[email protected]


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