Are you a morning person?

I used to be. Then I had kids.  Don’t get me wrong I adore my kiddos.  But long nights don’t make for bright happy mornings. But this is the season of life we are in and we are determined to make it the best we can, leaving our kids with fun, happy childhood memories cause lets face it, these littles will be raising our grand kids one day! So we MUST set an example.

Now before kids I didn’t drink coffee, honestly I hated the taste of it and saw no purpose….  LOL poor unknowing younger version me! Now I love tasting Rave Coffee and all of their flavors with some nice homemade cake.

Peppermint Coffee


Now granted coffee isn’t the exactly the best drink to be drinking every morning so I need to drink as little as possibly and pray that it kicks in quickly, which is where Peppermint essential oil enters the scene. Now granted I always travel with my little bottle of peppermint oil to help me stay alert as we travel the nation, late at night. Why it didn’t dawn on my sooner to try a drop of it directly in my coffee, I will never know?! But the day I did finally = GAME CHANGER!!

Now I get up, add a few drops of oils in my diffuser, start the coffee pot, fix the kids drinks and prep for breakfast, then…COFFEE and devos!  A little sugar, one drop of peppermint and pray that the littles sleep long enough so that I can make it through my devo in peace and quite. Some days we make it, some days we just have to go with the flow.

I have since also tried orange in my coffee and it is also amazing!!  Let us know what oils you have tried and how you like them, also, don{t forget to read these coffee reviews!

I have always been a fan of coffee, I even have big dream of having my own coffee shop in the future, I know many people have the same dream, if you are one of them you can find more information on JUST LOVE COFFEE CAFE here


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