Young Living Essential Oils have been in my life for 3 months. I am very much a newbie. I teach developmental preK part-time, work full-time as a behavior consultant, am married to a wonderful husband and have 3 very busy boys: ages 15, (aughhh, drivers ed), 11 and 6 (going on 15)!

There are days that trying to learn all about essential oils is overwhelming. There are days that I have to scale back  and just step away. There are days when I do not feel like I know anything. Then, there are days where I find I am able to answer the questions of others. Once, there was this weekend where I was  overtaken by something motivating! I reupholstered chairs, worked on two Pinterest Christmas projects, I made oily gifts from our members “Holiday Make It” class, and made up a new face wash recipe. Who is this person?! LOL! Shhh, don’t tell anyone. But, I secretly enjoyed it.

Lemon       Lavender      Tea Tree      Frankincense
I am going to share the Blemish Face Wash that I made with you. As I previously said, I have a teenager and a pre-teen- hormones are raging. Yikes! And, as an almost 40 year old woman, I still deal with the occasional blemish on my nose and chin. Seriously, wasn’t this supposed to stop after high school?

I love my homemade acne face wash, but when I was a teen, I remember getting Microdermabrasion done for my acne. If you feel that the treatment does not work and is not worth your time and money, then click here for validation.

For treatment at home, to start, I simply followed the Face wash recipe shared by another Drops of Faith member. I had 2 empty foaming hand soap bottles. I rinsed them out, (another brilliant idea shared by members in our private Facebook group) and in one I added 1/3 c. Castile soap, 2/3 c. distilled water, 1 tbsp safflower oil-the recipe said grapeseed but I figured safflower is less pore clogging and we all need clear pores- 2 d lemon, 2 d lavender and 20 d of Mel A (Tea Tree.) Easy enough.

Face Wash

Blemish Face Wash:
-1/3 cup Castile soap
-2/3 cup distilled water
-1 tbsp safflower oil
-2 drops Lemon
-2 drops Lavender
-20 drops Tea Tree

I wrote the recipe on a post it, stuck it inside a plastic baggie and taped it to the bottle with waterproof duct tape. That way I won’t have to search for how to make it when it runs out. For myself, I followed the same basic recipe but changed up the oils. In mine, I did 3 d of lemon since I tend to be oily in the T-zone, 3 d of lavender to help alleviate redness and hopefully will look a little less like Rudolph 10 d of Mel A and 10 d of Frankincense. Why Frank…because I’m coming up on 40, I need to reap the skin benefits of this little bottle of liquid gold! Looking forward to the results!

Healthy Skin Face Wash
-1/3 cup Castile soap
-2/3 cup distilled water
-1 tbsp safflower oil
-3 drops Lemon
-3 drops Lavender
-10 drops  Tea Tree
-10 drop Frankincense

Hope you find some motivating time to make up a new recipe!

Lisa Tutrow  from  Greenfield, Indiana
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Lisa Tutrow

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I have 2 boys of my own that will need to use this as well as their mother (you would like to think that at 46 you wouldn’t have to deal with acne anymore).

    I am so glad that Amber Klemp introduced me to Young Living products.