I love this time of the year! The leaves change colors. The wind blows, and it is chilly enough to need a sweater, scarf, or boots! If you live in GA, it may be 45 degrees one day and 78 degrees the next day. Ok… that part I don’t like.


Thieves Spray

A Young Living product I love to use during this time of the year is Thieves Spray. Do you have this yet? I received it for FREE one month through one of YL’s promos, and I started researching how to use it.If you don’t have the Thieves Spray, go ahead and get one. Wait… go ahead and get the 3-pack for a better value!

You will want a spray for your purse, diaper bag, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and car.



Here is a list of some ways you can use this bad boy.

  • Public restroom toilets before your child sits down (when your child refuses to sit on a toilet paper lined seat)
  • Sheets to freshen the bed as you are making it
  • Door knobs and toilet handles in your house— especially if undesirable microorganisms are present.
  • Inside your car to freshen the air and clean surfaces
  • Rooms that have mildew smell to get freshen
  • Fake plants to clean
  • Laundry as you fold- especially towels
  • Surfaces that have permanent marker to remove the marks
  • Hands to remove tree sap
  • Bathroom deodorizer
  • Take on vacation to spray rooms for fresh and safe scent
  • Inside shoes to get rid of odors and to freshen
  • if you need to clean your carpet or freshen it
  • Cutting board between uses

I like to spray this in the back of my throat when my immune system needs a little extra support. It burns, but the benefit is so worth it.

How do you use Thieves Spray? We would love to hear new ways!

Abby Wilkey  from  Cartersville, GA
[email protected]

Abby Wilkey


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