I went too long without knowing that the label on my bottle actually lifted up to reveal more information…

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Kaitlin Godfrey is here to tell us more about our bottle labels so that we are not missing out on any information: 



On the front of the bottle…

… you will find Young Living’s name, this way you know that you have the only essential oil in the world backed by the internationally recognized see to seal promise!

… you will find the name of the oil and the size of the bottle (there are 2 sizes 5ml which has approximately 85 drops in it and 15 ml which has approximately 250 drops in it.)

On the back of the bottle…

…you will find the batch number which helps Young Living to identify exactly which batch your bottle of oil was processed in.

…you will not find an expiration date! Young Living essential oils are 100% pure and come to you in an amber colored bottle. If they are stored properly (out of direct sunlight and in a cool dark place, hence the dark bottles), then your oils will never go bad! How cool is that?!

Once you bottle of oil is open…

…you will see that there is a “dripper device” on top of your bottle. If you look carefully you will see a little hole in the ditch of the dripper which is an air hole. Turning this hole up or down will speed up or slow down the flow of drips from you bottle.  This comes in hand when dealing with oils such as lemon that drips out REALLY fast and vetiver which drips slower than molasses on a cold winter day!


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  1. This is my go-to way to remember how to use a certain oil!!! These little bottles have some wonderful information located on them!

  2. Great information Kaitlin. I forget to share all this with folks when they start using YL oils. I need to keep this saved. Great job.

  3. I’m glad I watched this. I completely misunderstood the air hole thing. I thought that the big hole was the air hole and the oil came out of the little hole in the ditch. Learn something new everyday!

  4. Thank you for the excellent info! I was wondering if you would tell me how I could look up the lot/batch # from my bottle to find out its info like origin and all the other awesome info I’ve heard we can find out about our specific bottle?? I went on seedtoseal and young living and wasn’t able to locate that info. Thank you for your time and have a Blessed day!:)
    [email protected]

    1. give customer service a call, I don’t recall off the top of my head who to email but I’m sure they could point you in the right direction