Sunshine in a Bottle….Ahhhhh!! This is how I’ve affectionately come to call my Young Living Lemon Essential Oil. From the beginning of our “relationship”, Lemon and I have found great happiness together! The initial twist of the cap awakened my spirit and brought a burst of joy and sunshine to my face. I could smell the pure and unadulterated scent of Sunshine! Immediately, Lemon Essential Oil became a staple in my daily routine. What’s amazing about Young Living Lemon Essential Oil is the fact that it takes 75 lemons to make one 15ml bottle! Now, that’s some major love and attention to quality, and let me tell you something…you will definitely get quality from True Pheromones.

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Lemon Essential Oil is such a versatile and rich oil to have in your daily life. Just a couple drops in your glass of iced water will brighten and energize your day! In addition to tasting so UH-MAZING…Lemon supports our Circulatory, Urinary, Digestive, Lymphatic and Immune Systems. Seriously, what more could we ask for? Well, I’m glad you asked! Among other uses, Lemon Essential Oil can be used in your cooking to enhance flavor, and my absolute favorite use… a warm, invigorating bath!

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So, here’s the story. One day, I accidently spilled some Lemon Oil on my counter! Needless to say, I freaked out. In my house…“no oil is left behind”! Instantly, my survival instincts kicked in. I frantically reached for my Epson Salt and I quickly soaked up the Lemon oil. Every. Last. Drop. I then ran a hot bath and placed my Lemon soaked Epson Salt into the bathtub. Within moments, this potential tragedy became a sunny and bright surprise! I added a few drops of Lavender, and a couple drops of Purification…and Viola…“Sunshine Soak” was born! I felt so awake and present in the moment. My senses were heightened and my spirits were lifted!

As the sun breaks upon the horizon each morning, it brings a promise of a new day for each of us! Each day is a gift from God…full of expectation and limitless possibility. Likewise, Lemon Essential Oil brings this reminder to my life! With each drop, I am reminded of the goodness & hope that each day brings and I choose to unleash my inner Sunshine on all of those around me. Remember…it all starts with a little Sunshine in a Bottle.

Andrea Selvey  from  Bakersfield, California

Andrea Selvey

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