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One of my favorite parts of my journey with Young Living is learning to understand my body better, to be able to sense its needs, and to have natural options to help me stay my healthiest! It is SO empowering!

And I’ll get to pass this knowledge down to my own kids!

Over the next hour or so, I want to share with you more about how our bodies function and what products Young Living offers to help maintain wellness, hoping that you will find solutions to your body’s needs..

We will learn about the endocrine system (which manages all hormones) and our gut.

The Hypothalamus and Emotions

They hypothalamus is the regulatory center of the body and includes the limbic system of the brain (an area very important for dealing with memories and emotions).

Every impulse, including our emotions, travels through this part of our brain. Because of its proximity to our noses, the hypothalamus is STRONGLY affected by smell; in fact, if you open a bottle of oils right under your nose, almost instantaneously it can be found in the brain. Therefore aromatherapy is extremely effective in helping us balance our emotions because of this connection between smell and the hypothalamus.

Feel like you could use a little extra TLC for you emotions? Try out using these emotionally stable oils in your diffuser, on your pillow at night, in a diffuser necklace, or on your wrist each day.

1. From your Starter Kit: Frankincense, Valor, Lemon, and Stress Away.

2. On Your Wishlist: Joy, Orange, and Bergamot.

Which of these do you already love and why?

Which one will you be adding to your next order?




The Pituitary Gland and Energy

The pituitary gland can be found in your brain right next to your hypothalamus., It’s considered the executive officer of the body and gets orders from the hypothalamus through hormonal and nerve signals and then sends out hormonal secretions to the rest of the endocrine system.

The health of all your other glands relies on this one: in other words, the health of your pituitary gland is VERY important. So let’s make sure we are maintaining our brain health so that everything else falls into place.

Some hints that your pituitary gland is not healthy are migraines and fatigue.

Think that this gland needs to be a focus for your overall health? There are a few great things to try from Young Living to keep that part of your brain working at its prime.

From your starter kit: Four to five times a day, put a drop of Frank and lavender in the roof of your mouth. 
If you need additional help, you can replace those with 2 powerhouses outside of the kit: Sacred Frank and Idaho Balsam Fir.

No matter which oils you choose to use, you also need to supplement with an effective fish oil and OmegaGize is an AWESOME choice for this.

We use it all the time for brain health in our home.

Who thinks they needs some support for their pituitary gland? 
Who is looking for more energy?



The Thyroid and Metabolism

It’s very common in the US for both men and women to suffer from some sort of thyroid issue; therefore, paying attention to signs and giving this part of your endocrine system support is important to most of us.

The thyroid secretes hormones to boost metabolism in virtually every cell in the body.

If it’s not working properly, we get tell tale signs like fatigue and depression. When the thyroid is not properly sending out thyroxin, the other parts of the endocrine system suffer as well.

There are some great essential oil options for helping support the thyroid, even internally, including Myrtle, Lemongrass, and our blend Endoflex (which helps support the entire endocrine system and is a great place to start for any of these parts of your body).

Young Living also has an oil-infused supplement called Thyromin, perfect for helping maintain a properly functioning thyroid.

Lastly, fluoride can wreak havoc on our brains and our thyroid, so getting rid of toxic-laden toothpaste and replacing it with Thieves too paste is actually a great first step in thyroid health

What’s one new thing you’ve learned about your body so far?



Adrenal Glands and Stress

Many people are unaware when their adrenal glands are struggling, but taking care of our stress levels and this part of the endocrine system can make a huge difference in our overall health.

The adrenal glands produces adrenaline/epinephrine which gives the body the energy when the body needs to “get up and go.”

This fight or flight hormone is crucial when we are in emergency situations and increases heart rate, inhibits the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, and otherwise primes the body for action when it needs.

The stress hormone cortisol is created and breaks down stored protein and turns it into glucose rapidly so the brain can have the energy to deal with stressful situations.

These are all helpful things… UNLESS we stay stressed out TOO MUCH! And I have a feeling some of you know all about that.

Excessive cortisol wreaks havoc on the body’s immune system, encourages weight gain, and leave us feeling exhausted.

A good sign that your adrenal glands need a little TLC is feelings of energy followed closely by extreme fatigue.

So let’s make sure we are not overlooking this important part of our body.

In order to maintain a healthy endocrine system, you want to be using Thieves (especially Clove) and Stress Away from your starter kit.

In addition, add these oils to your daily regime: Nutmeg, Endoflex, and En-R-Gee.

Don’t forget to take care of your adrenal glands from the inside out as well through oil infused supplements. Grab Super B, OmegaGize and Mineral Essence to continue supporting your stress and cortisol levels.

Do you feel like you are living in a season of major stress or just coming out of one?

What is still causes you stress?

What’s your next step to help with stress?



Reproductive System Part 1: 
Estrogen and Progesterone

In the United States, we are often bombarded with toxic products on and around us daily which are disrupting our endocrine system, particularly our reproductive organs and hormones.

Because of this, most women tend to be lower in progesterone and higher in estrogen, leaving our hormones out of balance and our bodies feeling a little “off.”

Progesterone is vitally important for ALL ages of women and is produced in the ovaries, adrenal glands, and placenta as well as stored in fat tissue.

Estrogen is also important, but many women tend to see it as a trouble maker because so many have it in excess.

The key to happy women is hormonal balance. So when our estrogen and progesterone levels are imbalanced, other parts of our body are effected, especially our liver.

If you think you should focus on maintaining a healthy reproductive system, first be sure to eliminate your home from endocrine disrupting products. Use Thieves for cleaning, Purification to replace air fresheners, and Lemongrass on wool dryer balls to toss in the dryer instead of dryer sheets.

Afterwards, look into hormone supportive oils like Clary Sage or Young Living’s serum Progessence Plus.

In addition, if you feel like an unhealthy reproductive system is harming your life, look into Young Living’s Master Cleanse.

What toxic products are you going to ditch and switch next?




Reproductive System Part 2:

Periods. Fertility. Menopause.

Before we continue to talk about these “girls only” kind of things, let me remind you what is “typical” is not necessarily what should be normal.

Does that make sense?

In other words, just because many women are suffering doesn’t mean we are designed this way. So when your hormones are out of whack, you are going to have extreme menstrual symptoms and menopause symptoms, but it doesn’t have to be (and really should NOT be) this way.

So here are a few oils/products to consider for naturally maintaining healthy reproductive hormones.

Progessence Plus – created by a doctor who specialize in women’s issues, this serum, contains the progesterone of wild yams, it is one you may need if you are having menstrual migraines, severe PMS, endometriosis, hot flashes, low libido, or night sweats because of low progesterone levels.

(I recommend having those levels tested by your Doctor)

Healthy hormone levels are vital for pregnancy as well, so if you are concerned about childbearing, you may want to try this one out. (although once you are pregnant and your hormones are leveled out your body will naturally produce more of this so it probably won’t be necessary to continue through out the entire pregnancy)

Rub it right on the inside and out side of you ankle every day or on your forearms.

Lady Sclarol and Sclarressence both support healthy estradiol levels that drop with age, especially during menopause. This hormone precursor supports the ovaries and uterus as well as bones and joints. Keeping your bones strong as you age can be a difficult task but with the right support and good Physiotherapy doctors you can, check these guys out, if you are in search for a reliable physiotherapy doctor. 

Dragon Time – Let’s just say you need this and so do your pre-teen and teenage daughters, mmkay? It helps ease cramping, calms the mind, and balances hormones when the dragon of a period arrives. Add it to Epsom salts for a warm bath, apply directly to your abdomen or just slather it on as perfume. Basically just get it on you!

Which one of these will you try first?



Reproductive System Part: 3

Let’s Talk about the Bedroom

Ok ladies. It’s getting real now. When those hormones are wonky, our libido is out of whack too. But there are some great oils to have on hand to help you spice things up.

Ylang Ylang. Ummm. There is a reason this was the scent found in the perfume Chanel #5. Yep. This little bottle is perfect for diffusing to help get you in the mood. It also increases feelings of happiness and calms your mind.

Sensation Massage oil. Just get it. Put beside your bed. Use on your thighs at the opportune time. You deserve it, ladies. ????

Ok which of this is going on your wish list right now?



Gut Health. Your digestive system.

Time to talk poop. How’s that for a subject changer?! LOL

Let’s face it. Women do not often take good care of their digestive systems. We stay busy and stressed and often don’t think much about what’s going on with our tummies until thy don’t feel so great.

But over the last year, I’ve become convinced that gut health may very well be the number one area we should focus on most. Why?

The gut is considered the “second brain” because it plays such an important role in communicating to our entire body. In fact, 80% of our immune system is in the gut and 90% of our serotonin (hello happy feels) is created here as well.

Years of unhealthy diets and overused antibiotics and antibiotic hand soaps, have stripped our guts of all the things they need to be healthy and work properly. So now we are suffering both physically and emotionally for it.

It’s time to get serious about our guts.

Here we go:

Grab some oil support with Digize, Peppermint, and Copaiba all from your Starter kits.

Kick your support up a notch by adding a few supplements, starting with Probiotic (Life 9) and Enzymes (Essentialzymes or Detoxzyme).

Lastly, in order to make sure your digestive system is working at its prime, you need antioxidants.. Be sure you are adding Ningxia Red to your daily habits.

Decide on area concerning your gut, where you want to start. Which one shall you focus on first?



Essential Rewards

Can you believe all the incredible options Young Living gives us to empower us to take THE BEST care of our bodies?

I bet your wishlist is getting long like mine.

I’d encourage you to focus on one area of our women’s wellness focus and start targeting those oils, supplements, and ideas to start improving your everyday emotions and physical wellbeing.

Where do you think you need to start first? I started with my adrenal glands and can tell a huge difference in energy, mood, and immune support!

The Essential Rewards is the best way to start replenishing your starter kit oils and add supplements into your daily routine.

We’d love to help you do just that today and make your first BEST step to an empowered mind, balanced emotions, and a strong body!

Simply log into www.youngliving.com Choose Essential Rewards and follow the step by step process.

Do you remember the details? 
– 10%, 20% or 25% back on your orders!
– budgeting at least $50 per month for wellness products. ($100 to receive those thank you checks)
– you can change your order or date anytime you want!

Who is already on ER and who is ready to jump in?



Thank you for joining us to learn more about women’s health and wellness.

I sure enjoyed spending part of my evening with y’all!!


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