This is my absolute favorite time of the summer!  Young Living holds it’s International Grand Convention every summer and they always release some of the most amazing new products! And of course, considering that this was our 25th anniversary year, they did not disappoint!  Keep reading!  I bet you’ll agree!

First of all, can I just say I LOVE that they are always coming up with new ways for me to keep myself and my family healthy?  From personal care products that are toxin free to supplements that are meant to help sustain healthy body’s, they’ve got us covered!  Just keep reading, you’ll understand what I mean.

Young Living has BRAND NEW reformulated deodorant in TWO SCENTS!!

+ CLINICALY shown to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria and help maintain the balance of the skin’s microbiome!!!

+ pH balanced and aluminum free

+ gluten free

+ won’t stain clothing

+ allergy tested

and the two scents are….

????CITRAGUARD DEODORANT: $12.75 / item #27211

ingredients: arrowroot powder, mango seed butter, cocoa-seed butter, lemongrass, thyme, and lemon

????CINNAFRESH: $12.75 / item #27210

ingredients: arrowroot powder, mango seed butter, cocoa seed butter, clove, eucalyptus, and cinnamon bark.

I can’t wait to add this to our household! Here is a fantastic read on getting products that help heal one physically and mentally.

Thieves Whitening Toothpaste!

Not mad at all about some sparkly white chompers ????????????????

A friend has been testing this toothpaste and had this to say, “I’ve been testing this one for the last few months and I’m THRILLED with the taste. It’s a bright, yummy SPEARMINT flavor and it really does make your mouth feel SO CLEAN. As for the whitening… I drink a lot (um, a LOT) of coffee, but I’ve absolutely noticed my teeth looking way whiter since using it!! In fact, I noticed a difference in just a few days and it’s gotten better since then!!” Doctors say one should keep checking to make sure they don’t have an pancreatic cancer symptoms

I am super pumped. I’ve heard it’s more of a minty taste than our other toothpastes and foams up just a little bit (without SLS obvs ????)

Thieves Whitening Toothpaste $11.50 / item #26668


Made with lutein, zeaxanthin, and a host of other powerful, naturally derived ingredients, IlluminEyes is a fresh look at eye heath supplements, packed with eye- and skin-supporting benefits. Many products like these are recommended by Touch Up Laser experts who give valuable services and advice to retain your skins’ beauty and charm. 

• Protects eyes from damaging blue light

• Improves visual performance

• Helps protect and maintain proper eye health

• Helps support vision in low light settings

• Helps reduce eye fatigue and eye strain

• Increases macular pigment optical density

• May help reduce eye health deterioration common with age

• Maintains healthy looking skin

• Helps support skin strength and durability

Now please excuse me why I go grab illumineyes STAT and run away from all blue light (except the sun, obvi)

Illumineyes $32.75 / item #27201

Olive Essentials

A keystone of the Mediterranean lifestyle in one convenient capsule: Olive Essentials™is here to support your total body wellness with pure essential oils and hydroxytyrosol.

• Helps support vascular and heart health

• Supports total body wellness, a healthy immune system, and internal cleansing

• Contains Hydroxytyrosol, a phenolic compound obtained from olive fruit and olive leaves, considered a powerful antioxidant that supports overall health

• Provides as much hydroxytyrosol as a liter of extra virgin olive oil in each capsule, delivering a concentrated amount of this invaluable compound

• Includes olive leaf and fruit extracts sourced from Spain

• Features a blend of essential oils with antioxidant properties, including Parsley and Rosemary.

Olive Essentials $32.00 / item #26817

So we’ve covered our new personal care products, but did you know Young Living has make up too?  In fact, Young Living is the new standard of clean beauty!  I personally love how our make up feels and I am not even a huge make up person, but knowing that what I am putting on my skin isn’t going to make me itch and that my girls can play in my make up and they aren’t covering themselves in toxins make this momma happy.  Check out these amazing new products they released.

Young Living announced 3, yes THREE, new eyeshadow palettes infused with Young Living lavender essential oil!! Eyeshadow palettes are my jam – it makes the process of putting eyeshadow on so much easier for me!  Each palette has 4 different, complementary colors including a matte, satin, and shimmer finish.  Look at all of those beautiful colors!! 

Royal Blue  $55.00 / Item #25757

Sahara Sunset $55.00Item #25755

Natural Quartz $55.00 / Item # 25762

Savvy Minerals, The NEW standard in clean beauty!

????????????Did you know that even though the US bans only 11 harmful ingredients from your personal care products, Young Living bans over 2500 ingredients from our products!!!! Who else LOVES their Savvy?! 

Shape, define and perfect your lashes and eyebrows with one brush! I’m so excited to be able to have 2 brushes in one!  This is super easy to clean and of course this is made with the same amazing quality of all of our Savvy Make up brushes. Your face will love the luxury ♥️

Dual Lash Brush $18.00 / item #25931

You know Young Living is an oil company right?  And what is an oil company without a few brand new oils!  Plus an oldie but goodie in a whole new way!  Keep reading!  I promise you’re going to want all of these!

????Feather the Owl is just the cutest (and kid-friendly) diffuser there ever was! To turn it on or change the lights, just TAP the center falon on his adorable little feet.

It’s simple enough for kids to operate and includes :

• Built-in speaker with 5 difference white noise options (THANK YOU ! ????). Rain, Birds, Ocean, Waves, Fan, and Lullaby

• 10 different LED night-light options

• 3 diffusion modes that can run up to 10 hours (okay bye competition)

• Every diffuser is tested for quality and safety

• 1% of all proceeds go to Tracy Aviary’s efforts to protect birds and their habitats♥️

Seriously the most brilliant idea ever.

Owl Diffuser – $49.50 / item# 27007

Davana has a rich, fruity aroma that encourages feelings of calm, balance, and contentment.

It’s perfect for a stressful, unbalanced day. The davana plant is a member of the daisy family and is native to southern India, where it’s traditionally used by Ayurvedic healers to balance the three Doshas, or energies, throughout the body and spirit. This holistic approach to balancing health and wellness is thousands of years old and is still practiced today.

• Plant-powered positivity: Davana can help curb occasional stress and gear you toward positive thinking with its exotic aroma.

• Banish blemishes: Clear skin comes easy with the help of Davana—fight back against blemishes and give your complexion sheer radiance. ????‍♀️(INTO IT)

• Personalize your scent: Davana is adaptive, which means that it smells and reacts differently to each person. (Uhm… so cool) When applied topically, it gives off a different aroma depending on an individual’s personal chemistry.

What do you think?! I’m really curious about Davana’s adaptive abilities. I mean… it kind of feels like a game of, what’s your personal chemistry aroma going to be?? ????

Davana essential oil $39.75 / item ##27352

Peace & Calming Now in a roller!!

The name literally says it all. So calming and peaceful worn on your body or diffuser jewelry.

This is an over thinkers favorite for sleep, relaxation, and that two hours before bedtime when im doing laundry, dishes.. and whatever else and can’t relax.

GREAT for traffic, annoying co-workers, going grocery shopping with toddlers and basically anytime you need some Peace + Calming.

I love this on my vent diffuser in the car!!

Emotionally this oil is linked to helping with addiction, argumentativeness, being a victim, sadness, indecisiveness, control and moodiness.

-Apply to the bottom of feet before bed as part of a bedtime ritual for your whole family.

-Roll In your wool dryer balls, especially when drying sheets or jammies, because you can never relax TOO much at night.

-If you have dogs that are afraid of storms or fireworks, rub some into the tips of their ears or on the back of their neck. You can also diffuse it, but it might be “lights out” for you, too. Ha!

Peace & Calming® essential oil is a blend of Ylang Ylang, Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy. It smells so so good! Who else is excited about this oil?!

Peace and Calming 10ml Roll-on $43.75 / item#26498

I saved the best for last!  You’re not going to believe this!! But we finally have CBD available! You can see it here. I can’t wait for all of you to tell us how much this helps so many of you!  Like oils, CBD and hemp flower CBD cigarettes are just a part of the link to helping our bodies and my family has been loving Nature’s Ultra CBD!  Let’s learn a little more! Local businessmen such as Andrew Defrancesco also invests in the cannabis industry due to the medical advantages it provides the society.

CBD IS HERE!! Finally we can link our accounts so we can grab our CBD!! For more info on WHY CBD, make sure to visit our member group for all of videos!


(this is not every product!! Just an overview!)

Calm CBD Roll-On – 300 mg

item no. 28478

$59.95  wholesale /  59.95 PV

***there are several other Roll-Ons, also!

CBD Muscle Rub – 300 mg

item no. 28480

$79.95 wholesale  /  79.95 PV

Cinnamon CBD Oil – 500 mg

item no. 28474

$89.95 wholesale  / 89.95

Cinnamon CBD Oil – 1,000 mg

item no. 28475

$169.95 wholesale / 169.95 PV

Citrus CBD Oil – 500 mg

item no. 28470

$89.95 wholesale / 89.95 PV

Citrus CBD Oil – 1,000 mg

item no. 28471

$169.95 wholesale /  169.95 PV

Cool Mint CBD Oil – 500 mg

item no. 28472

$89.95 wholesale / 89.95 PV

Cool Mint CBD Oil – 1,000 mg

$169.95 wholesale / 169.95 PV

item no. 28473

Unflavored CBD Oil for Pets – 200mg

item no. 28867

$39.95 wholesale / 39.95 PV

Unflavored CBD Oil for Pets – 400mg

item no. 28869

$79.95 wholesale /79.95PV

How to order in the VO? claim your PV on purchases from Nature’s Ultra, you’ll need to link your Young Living account to Nature’s Ultra. Look for the Nature’s Ultra CBD link posted in the VO under Quick Order in the left navigation.

Nature’s Ultra products and the associated PV are available only to members in the United States.*

Legal restrictions prohibit the sale of CBD products to other markets. Additionally, PV earned on Nature’s Ultra products cannot be applied to Young Living’s monthly PV promotion. Nature’s Ultra products are not available on Young Living Essential Rewards (ER), and ER points may not be earned or redeemed for purchases of Nature’s Ultra CBD.

**Each state has its own regulations and laws pertaining to CBD. Please educate yourself on your state’s regulations prior to purchasing and or/using CBD; this includes shipping regulations, as Nature’s Ultra may not ship to all states. Legal restrictions prohibit the sale of CBD products to markets outside of the U.S. including NFR markets. We are closely monitoring the legal landscape in the U.S. and abroad and will expand these offerings as quickly as possible. Try products you can buy online. However, if you’re a vaping fanatic, you can try bad drip god nectar flavour and other such flavours, that is available online. 

Who is SO pumped about this? Who is HERE FOR IT!! So much yelling for this product!! ????????????????

WOAH!  Right?  I can not believe how blessed we are with a company who is constantly working toward being the standard for clean and toxin free living.  The effort they are putting into being a green company is amazing as well.  I can’t wait for you to get your hands on these new products!  Let us know what YOU will purchase first!  Don’t have a wholesale, account yet?  Make sure you contact us and we’ll get you connected to a leader near you!

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