April showers are supposed to bring on May flowers right?! Who’s ready to see those flowers in full bloom? I know I am!!

Young Living as brought us a beautiful bouquet of oils this month with anything from physical to emotional support and just in time!!

Longevity Vitality free with 100pv on Essential Rewards

This is a favorite in our house, and I can’t wait to get my hands on another bottle. ????????

Really, we just take it internally because it is great at helping one to feel youthful and prevent premature aging. It is full of DNA protecting oils. It has Thyme(keeps fats from oxidizing in the body), Orange (Studied to be powerful against the big C word), Clove (Highest known ORAC value) & Frankincense (stimulates the limbic part of the brain). I put 3-5 drops in a capsule and top it off with carrier oil. We take one a day.

The best apart is that you can get this one at 100 PV on ER! ????????

When you order 190pv on your essential rewards order, Young Living is going to send you a 5ml bottle of Lavender.

Lavender is so versatile & easy to use. It’s known as the Swiss Army knife of oils. I always tell people who are new to oils, “when in doubt, grab the lavender”. You cannot go wrong with this one. Can’t sleep? Racing mind? Got a boo boo? Want healthy lashes? Need to calm down? Cranky baby? Got a dog freaking out over loud noises? Yep, grab the lavender or visit this page for CBD oils for your furry friend. Even my 5 year old knows how to use “the purple oil”.

Lavender is in several of Young Living products such as, lotion, hand soap, baby wipes, shampoo, lavender lemonade drops, bath bombs, shower gel, ART beauty products and so much more.

Pro tips:
????Apply lavender to the bottom of your big toe before bed. This is the vita flex point for your pineal gland, which produces melatonin.
????Diffuse a few drops at night in bedrooms for better sleep.
????Apply a drop to your wrists, inhale, and relax. It really helps with those emotions.
????Add a drop to your hands and pet your dog when he/she is upset
????Add 8 drops to 1/2 c epsom salt for a relaxing bath
????Add a few drops to wool dryer balls and ditch the toxic dryer sheets
????Diffuse with lemon and peppermint for that annoying stuff called pollen
???? Pest Control Boston suggests to apply a drop to bug bites and bee stings for a natural antihistamine
????Apply a drop to minor cuts and burns for relief. We love to use on mild sunburns or mild cooking burns.
????NEVER underestimate the power of lavender
????It’s the perfect gift for new moms or any mom

Bonus: if you ever have the opportunity to visit our lavender farm in Mona, Utah, go for it! There is nothing like seeing the Seed to Seal process for yourself.


It’s hard to live life feeling like you’re limping through it needing constant naps. Tiredness in the morning is more thyroid related while extreme exhaustion in the afternoon is more adrenal related. Some of us lucky ones have both ????.

Endoflex vitality oil supports the endocrine system! Apply over liver area and down sides of neck.

Major hormone and thyroid support oils! If you have difficulty managing your emotions , this oil may be for you. Your liver needs help cleansing so that your hormones can function properly. When the liver becomes strained, so do your feelings!

The oils in Endoflex:

(1) Spearmint – weight support

(2) Sage – vital organ support

(3) Geranium – liver and pancreas support

(4) Myrtle – normal thyroid and reproductive support

(5) German Chamomile – liver support

(6) Nutmeg – to support adrenal glands for energy

Interaction time! ????????

Who can’t live without their Endoflex Vitality?!! ????????‍♀️

Deep Relief Essential Oil was designed specially formulated to soothe and cool fatigued muscles after exercise. But hold on to that idea cause I’ve got a few more reasons to use this awesome roll-on!

Some of us stock up on this one like we stock up on Valor because it was one that was not always available. And for those of us who KNOW how awesome this roller is, we did NOT want to be without. Here are some ways to use this roller!

????????This one is great for sports massage. My husband would use this one before and after his workouts. So say it’s leg day. Apply it to your legs before your workout. Your recovery will be a little easier. Promise!

????‍???? A lot of us are sitting at the computer right now. It’s not easy on our backs and shoulders and necks, right? I have found if i apply this BEFORE I get started, it does a great job at helping me not get a huge kink in my neck at the end of the day. I apply as needed too thou.

????????‍♀️Anyone have hips that ache after just walking? I want you to try this oil on your hips. IT IS AMAZING. Wanna know something cool? My friend and my family member have found that just carrying this oil in their hip pocket while out and about has helped reduce the amount of times they have to apply this oil!

Often times people want to know why they would need this oil when they have Panaway. Well, first of all, it comes in a roller and it’s ready to go as is. That makes a huge difference for me and quite frankly my husband. He won’t mix up a lot on his own, but if I hand him a roller that is already made and done, he’s good. The other thing I will say is that this roller is heavy duty and has 9 oils in it VS the 4 in Panaway. Both have benefits, but I love that I get good oils like Palo Santo, Vetiver, and Dorado Azul. You’ll have to check out the benefits for your muscles and mind on those oils!

Who has tried this oil? What is your favorite way to use it? If you haven’t tried it, what would be your FIRST way you try it??

300 PV
Frankincense is one of my all time FAVORITE single oils!! Sometimes I just open the bottle to breathe in the calm without using a single drop.????Frankincense is very similar to Lavender in that it has about a million and one uses!

So what are some things I use Frank for? Allow me to change your lives forever! (And introduce you to your new favorite oil)

Oh my word you guys! Frank is AMAZING for lifting you up and releasing emotional burdens! Feeling anxious about a situation or overwhelmed? #quarantine Put one drop under your tongue, morning and night to keep calm, cool, and collected ????????

Add to the diffuser with Lemon and Lavender (heavenly- this will calm the crazy and uplift you in SECONDS!)

It can also be applied topically via layering method with Valor and Joy when the walls are closing in during these uncertain times.

This one can have a weird connotation, but it IS one of the most talked about oils in the Bible- probably for good reason! It’s a CRAZY good oil for focus! I’ll be honest… my attention span isn’t always the best. When I’m doing devotions or spending time in prayer, I often find myself squirreling and having to come back and refocus on what I was doing! When I use Frankincense, though, it’s a completely different story. I’m able to quiet my own busy thoughts about everything I have to do that day, and focus on what I’m reading. It’s AMAZING the difference I feel when I’ve used Frank, as opposed to the times I don’t! It’s the difference between feeling like I’ve gotten something out of that time or just wasted an hour not actually digging into anything of importance!

Fine Lines, ladies- Frank helps aid is smoothing things out ???? Just a drop or two of Frank in Jojoba oil applied to your face. ** TIP: put 2 drops Frank + 1 drop Patchouli in the palm of your hand, wet your other hand with water, then rub your hands together and apply to the face and neck like a serum! The water helps push the oil deeper into the skin to reap allllllll the amazing benefits of these 2 oils!!

You can also use this in a “boo boo” blend! Just 10 drops of Frank, Lavender, and tea tree in a roller bottle topped with a carrier oil. Every time the kiddos take a spill, whip this bad boy out!

Just a drop of Frank under your tongue morning and night helps maintain a healthy immune system. But wait! Didn’t we JUST say that’s what it takes to calm the crazy too!? Yep! Yep we did ???????????? When you’re putting that drop of Frank under your tongue morning and night you’re not only calming the crazy, you’re supporting your Immune system as well!! WHOOP WHOOP! It is a POWERFUL immune support for tiny babies who need Gentle oils, and can also be added to your daily Thieves Immune Support roller for extra oomph!

When you need healthy lung support- you’ll want to grab Frank then too! Mix with a dab of coconut oil and make a chest rub, then apply to the chest and back as needed.

I bet you didn’t realize Frank had quite so many uses huh? It’s true! Frank is good for EVERYTHING! When in doubt, use Frank!

Let me confess something to you….I didn’t actually post EVERY single way I use this Oil. It would make a novel if I did! So what I challenge YOU to do is post how YOU use it! Even if it’s already been mentioned?

Why do you love Frank!?

I hope you’re as excited about these as we are!!  If you don’t have your starter kit be sure to grab yours here and jump in our super fun, loving, supportive community today!
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