CC233F85-36B5-4E50-80F8-2158CB20C255 YL just gave us some INCREDIBLE new products. New diffusers, skincare, makeup, and supplements. So much goodness.
A635AB19-5E7A-45DF-B4C3-EB13648530E61ED35A42-028A-4090-B046-79642F6D63CB64612F90-E354-4E68-AF5A-8C5996ECA4AB4D0E44C7-8485-4AB4-BC74-E6D6B43E4850Savvy minerals liquid foundation ???????????? perfect colors for everyone and the best part is that the foundations are vegan, and cruelty free.  The are perfect with our next new item.

0948F3B5-EEB7-45BE-9124-E9740C18C819I have been on my toes waiting for this. Creamy and lightweight this is the perfect touch up concealer.

CCD24691-2592-4EBB-B3C1-191A58E36EAEThe power of thieves in an amazing FDA approved chest rub. This product comes at the perfect time and I’m so excited to add this to my cabinet of oily goodness.

20111DB3-FB34-4F58-938B-16E68E31DE1CF5383AB4-2A80-4F8E-B410-8597EAC157CD8DBF6F95-EE7C-447E-A44E-806EA188580FTo go along with all of the new savvy goodness, we have the savvy face match tool to find your perfect shade, foundation brush and blender tool to make sure you get the perfect amount of coverage.

37F0FA98-6DB5-4EFD-AC38-F971C8A1D06F Breathing these in will help you support calm feelings throughout the day, available in aroma ease and lavender.

5499379C-8584-4DC6-89FC-BCAEB109E8E7Give me ALL the young living supplements. Vitamin D is amazing for immunity support, and can support cognitive wellness.  Knowing it comes from the purity of young living makes me so excited about this.

DE76014E-C911-401F-B38F-EBF5038B7FFA874B4FED-D1EB-4BEB-9B0D-95BBF455F029Some wonderful oils for respiratory support. Breathe again is one of my favorites with refreshing eucalyptus. One of my favorites to diffuse in winter with lemon.

EDEAFE6F-C0B5-4B2E-9BDA-667F62A732805036A183-DACC-476B-BB5C-236CD13FADDDC4FB1FF1-5556-4217-81C6-2371C3491BCBThis skincare line is going to be absolutely amazing.  With its ability to even skin tone and brighten, this powerhouse trio is a must have.

16FEDD3C-C612-43ED-AEB3-B973AB11A727057B7C59-6521-4FD5-B448-4BBFAA874E6F17ACA09D-746F-442D-B095-DBDB78B7DDB68E6EEB10-80F2-477F-9F68-056325301BF8On the go oil kits.  These come with the cutest bags and are perfect for traveling, for birthdays, or to just slip into your purse to use throughout the day.
B86E9D78-2535-4CB8-BE23-DBC7B847A89D446A55A6-9684-450E-9CFD-08F3922505F0Hand blown artisan diffusers. Dainty and gorgeous, you can’t have too many diffusers am I right!! ????

F1312904-B46D-4930-AC38-CBCDD8FAC17E I love when I can get safe and natural products for my kiddos  kidscents unwind is another tool for that parenting toolbox.  Help support kids by making this cup of tea, or adding it to their favorite beverage to help support their bodies to relax and support extra peace in their little bodies.

4AAC85BB-E198-45A8-9971-3821668E7ADC3D8D5C9D-3D97-4CD2-A4AF-BCD84ED356AA497A1E62-8CA6-4458-AF6C-25201E591DFCThe final 3 amazing new products.  Gary’s light is a beautiful blend of 9 oils to help open up the mind and encourage discernment.  Oregano is an amazing immune support. One heart is a truly beautiful oil, here to bring connection and community to the world around us. ❤️ I hope you enjoy these amazing new products as much as I know I will.



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