Welcome November!! A month to focus on being grateful. Thanksgiving. Gatherings. Yummy foods! and free oils!

Young Living essential oils Abundance, Peace & Calming, and Gratitude on a stack of wood slices with a orange tall pumpkin and shorter orangish yellow pumpkin fading out into a background of white.

During the month of November when you order 190 pv you’ll receive a 5ml bottle of Gratitude!

I adore this precious little oil! Did you know that this oil was created with the leper who returned to thank Jesus in mind! Thats right! Remember the story of Jesus healing the 10 lepers and only one returned to show his gratitude? Check out Luke 17:12-19 if you want to reread the story.

Gratitude is a blend consisting of Idaho Balsam Fir, Frankincense, Coriander, Myrrh, Ylang Ylang, Galbanum, Bergamot, and Geranium. Try diffusing this delightful blend to bring relief while fostering a grateful attitude! You can can also try applying behind your ears, over your heart, wrists, back of neck, base of spine or simply add to a spritzer to use as a room spray during holiday festivities.

Our favorite way to use this oil is in the diffuser during dinner time and Thanksgiving day. Have you tried this one yet? If not I cannot wait for you to get it!

At the 250pv level you will receive a Young living Foundation Diffuser Ornament!!

At the heart of Young Living is always the need to help others. These gorgeous wooden ornaments are helping women in Uganda obtain stable employment which provides opportunities for their children to go to school!

You can hang your ornament in your car, on your tree, or use in your house decor. To diffuser simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to fill your surroundings with the aroma of essential oils and all of their goodness.

Where will you hang your ornament?

Bonus oil! 15 ml of Abundance when you place a 250pv order via ER! (Essential Rewards)

Here is Christi Kirkpatrick with more info on this amazing oil!

Abundance is a favorite in our house. It smells so good!

Abundance essential oil is a combination of 8 essential oils. When I got this blend the first time I thought of it as being thankful for the Abundance in my life. I would put it on to remind myself of all the amazing things I have to be thankful for.

In all actuality it was formulated to help attract money. Apply it before work to help you mentally prepare yourself for a positive work day or as you are dreaming of your future. It can help you through any emotional blocks surrounding money or the lack of.

When your ER or shop order reaches 300pv or more you’ll receive 15ml bottle of Peace & Calming!! And all the Mommas said AMEN!!

Here is Michelle Baker with more info on this sweet sweet oil!

Peace & Calming – the name says it all!!

This oil encourages deep relaxation, and is incredible for establishing nighttime routines. ( My personal favorite ????)

It is known for quieting and calming the mind, uplifting the mood, and smells incredible! Add this oil to your diffuser for a comforting fresh aroma.

This blend features tangerine, orange, ylang ylang, patchouli, and the coveted blue tansy. In our home, we also use Peace & Calming for: – nervous feelings – holding an attention span – applying to feet for a full body rest – diffusing for a peaceful, calm environment – using in a roller bottle with for on-the-go calming – working through feelings of anxiousness, stress, worry, and fear -applied to chest when we have an occasional cough And if you have a baby in the house you can also use it for: – tantrums – getting baby to chill out during that “witching hour” – applying or diffusing in the car during traffic or yucky weather, or bored children. ????

Tell me how you’ll use Peace & Calming!!???? This is one that every household needs by the gallon!!

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