Who’s ready for spring?!

This month’s free promos are all for getting us ready!

Let’s start off with FREE SHIPPING with ANY 100 pv order! Thanks YL <3

Are you sitting down? At the 190 pv level on ER you get not 1 but 3 free oils!!

You’ll receive a 5ml bottle of Copaiba via ER or shop only orders, but if you place that order via ER you will also receive a 15 ml bottle of Lavender and a 5ml bottle of Clary Sage!

This is our go to oil when our littles start teething! We apply either directly to the gum line and/or to their little jaws. Poor little things come running (some times with a bottle of Copaiba in hand) when they’re needing more.

Lavender!! A 15ml bottle of Lavender FREE with 190 pv order via ER!

Y’all this was my gateway oil! Just the aroma of it can help calm nerves and set the scene for a peaceful nights rest. And with spring just around the corner every home should have Lemon, Lavender, & Peppermint in their diffusers.

Also receive a free 5ml of Clary Sage with your 190pv purchase via Essential Rewards!

This little gem and I go WAY back! I keep this one close when its time to go into labor. Originally it was the only reason I used it, since then I’ve learned it does sooo much more!

Like supporting women’s hormones, calming the skin, and even bringing splinters to the surface! How cool is that?!

Receive a free 5ml bottle of Rutavala with a 250 pv purchase!

I’m not even going to dance around the truth… this one smells like stink, stank, stunk… however, it works amazingly well as a lullaby! Eventually the smell will grow on you and you’ll focus more on those sweet dreams than the aroma! And trust me when I say it works like a charm!

Earn a free 5ml bottle of Blue Cypress with your 300 pv order on ER or shop only.

This gorgeous bluish turquoise colored oil is fantastic for your skin. Try adding it to your favorite moisturizers.

This is one of my FAVORITE tree oils! And this month you can score a 5ml bottle for free with a 300 pv order!

This amazing oil is distilled from our tree farms in Northern Idaho. I’ll never forget the stories of how Gary would volunteer to clear off the farmers field so that he could harvest the oils and no allow them to go to waste.

This precious oil supports most of our body’s systems, such as respiratory and muscular systems. I also like to grab it when I need to feel more grounded but don’t have time to get out in the woods.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit the YL’s Highland Flats farm in Naples, Id GO!! They even have hot tubs there filled with the floral water.

Check out this bonus gift for any 400 pv order placed on Essential Rewards! A gorgeous Amethyst Roller!

What would you put in this one? I’m still trying to decide!

That’s a wrap for March’s promos but I’ll have another post coming at ya very soon with the new items Young Living launched today!

And as always if you haven’t found your oily family yet we would love to have you joining our loving team! Just go to the getting started tab and jump in! We have even more resources behind the scene!

Happy Spring sweet friends,

Donna Wysong

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