You’re only 4 oils away from having a great day!!


You're only 4 oils away from having a great day! Oils needed for Gary's great day protocol include Valor, highest potential, joy and white angelica. this graphic also tell you how to use them and in what order.


  • Step 1: Valor

Place 1 drop of Valor on the inside of left wrist. Then place left wrist over the inside of right wrist so that the insides of both wrists are touching, hold together as you focus your mind on balancing. The powerful combination of ingredients in Valor delivers strengthening and refreshing qualities while supporting feelings of courage and self-esteem.

You can learn more about Valor here.

  • Step 2: Highest Potential

Place 1 drop of Highest Potential above the belly button to promote positive feelings while calming the mind. Harnessing the uplifting and inspiring power of Blue Cypress and other pure essential oil scents, this blend creates a hopeful backdrop as while anticipating and nurturing the profound version of your highest potential.

  • Step 3: Joy

Place 1 drop of Joy above the heart to evoke feelings of happiness to mind and body. Create a joyous, happy aromatic experience with this uplifting blend of pure essential oils including, Rose, Jasmine, Tangerine, Bergamot, and more.

You can learn more about Joy here.

  • Step 4: White Angelica

Place 1 drop of White Angelica in the palms then rub together. Lightly brush hands over head, face, shoulders, and body for a spiritual uplift and energy-sparing protection.

Lovingly harvested from plants native to exotic destinations around the world, the 10 essential oils in White Angelica come together to create a one-of-a-kind blend which inspires a positive atmosphere and feelings of security and optimism.

Obstacles and challenges are inevitable while pursuing our dreams, but can overcome with huge changes in our lives.

These changes begin with establishing regular prayer times, Scripture reading, and a consistent morning routine in focusing our thoughts on positive confessions.

*Note: Gary’s Great Day Protocol can be adapted as desired for personal needs. Do you know someone else who could use this protocol? Reach out and share this link with them. <3

Are you ready to get those 4 oils to start your great day? You can get started here.

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