There is oil in the house of the wise. Proverbs 21:20 wood block holding 4 15 ml bottles of oil. June's Promos: Peace and Calming, Eucalyptus Globulous, Citronella, and Aroma Seiz

June’s Promos will have you ready for outdoor fun this summer!

Eucalytus Globulus 15 ml free with 190 pv order via Essential Rewards

Free 15ml bottle of Eucalyptus Globulous free with 190pv purchase on Essential Rewards!

This little gem of an oil is an excellent grease fighting machine! Try adding it to your House Hold Theives cleaner or directly into your sink to help cut the grease.

It is also an excellent respiratory supporting oil! Try diluting with V6 or your favorite carrier oil and apply to chest, back, and feet.

Want a relaxing, respiratory & muscle supporting bath? Mix this one into your epsom salts, dissolve in bath, and enjoy! Or simply drop a few drops to the bottom of your shower for an invigorating morning wake up!

15ml bottle of Citronella free with 190pv purchase

June’s Promos include a free 15ml bottle Citronella with a 190pv purchase on ER or shop.

We all know citronella…it is the ultimate bug chaser. It is best when combined with cedar wood. But did you know it can also help with intestinal issues?

In some cultures it is used for intestinal parasites. Isn’t that fun? ????

It is also great for inflammation and skin too. I am using it on so dry spots and seeing some improvement. ????????????????

One other trick that I love is to put it on my dryer balls! It helps! I won’t say you don’t need to insect repellent, but it helps!

June's Promo at 250 pv is a 15 ml bottle of Aroma Seiz

June’s Promos include a free 15ml bottle of Aroma Seiz with a 250pv order via Essential Rewards and shop now.

This amazing blend includes: Basil, Marjoram, Lavender, Peppermint and Cypress and is part of the Raindrop Technique!

It a fantastic oil to grab when your muscles need some extra support. Simply dilute with V-6 carrier oil or your carrier oil of choice and apply where needed. You could also try applying pre-work out to avoid some of those post work out ouchies.

It has an herbaceous aroma, can be added to bath salts, or diffused.

June's Promo at 300 pv level is a 15ml bottle of Peace and Calming

Last and most certainly not least is a 15ml bottle of Peace and Calming with any 300 pv purchase! And all the Mommas said…

This sweet oil is a powerful blend that contains, tangerine, orange, ylang ylang, blue tansy, and patchouli essential oils.

It uplifts spirits (yes please), encourages relaxation, promotes sleep, can calm children, and is comforting in stressful situations.

You can use this one topically or diffuse. I’m thinking we need this one by the boatload!

Some favorite uses are:

-diffusing to create a sense of calm throughout the house

-adding a few drops to V6 massage oil for a relaxing massage (great for those jumpy legs that sometimes keeps us awake)

-adding a few drops to epsom salt during bath time

-diffuser necklaces/jewelry in place of perfume

-applying to the bottom of feet/big toe for a restful night of sleep

-calming a dog who is nervous but diffusing or by putting one drop in your hand and petting the dog

-you can even use it on blemishes! Just add a drop to you face lotion at night.

Have you tried Peace & Calming?

What are your favorite uses? If not, who’s excited to try this one?

Here is a new recipe for lackluster skin that I can’t wait to try out: Skin Spray – 2oz water with 10 drops of P&C. Spritz whenever skin is feeling tired and needs to be refreshed.

Thanks again for joining us for June’s Promos!

If you haven’t found your oily family yet we would love to invite you to ours! Simply click on the getting started tab at the top or click here.

Also be on the look out for an amazing opportunity to score a FREE diffuser in honor of Father’s Day!!

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