Okay, so we have all been in your shoes as someone who has no idea about why there is a buzz about essential oils. Seeing posts about “EOs”, hashtags like #askmehow #younglivingforthewin, and pictures of pretty labeled bottles and our babies feet. It can all be a little confusing but exciting at the same time! Thankfully we have travelled through the newbie lingo and education on essential oils and now want to share it with you. Because that’s what friends are for, right? To share the good in our lives with those we love. And we may not know you…. you may not know us, but we can guarantee that we have a passion to share the good of essential oils with you.

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We will make it easy on you:

1.Ask to be invited to the Essential Oils 101 Online Class tonight (message or leave a comment here!)

2. Get ready for bed, grab a mug of your favorite coffee/tea.

3. Login to your personal Facebook page and under the Events tab you will find “Online Oil Class!”

4. Follow along with the videos and information posted. Feel free to ask ANY questions and converse with others learning.

We promise that it will be worth your time to attend!

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