If you’re anything like me, I was super stoked that I had finally ordered my Premium Starter Kit from Young Living. I had waited and waited to place my order and once I did, I couldn’t wait any longer for the UPS man to deliver my package!

However, wait… I did. I only had to wait a little over a week but it seemed like FOREVER! While I waited, I searched the internet saving recipes left and right & deciding all the different uses I wanted to enlist my new power team of oils for!

The day I had been waiting for finally arrived. Now what? I had all these awesome oils but nothing to blend them with! I basically had to make a mad dash for the store! Carrier oils, canning jars, amazon orders; oh my! That’s when I decided – I should have done this BEFORE MY OILS CAME! Why didn’t I think of that… BEFORE! Silly me!

Now, I’m a visual kinda gal. I love a good graphic that tells me what I need to know. That’s why I made this… FOR YOU! You’ve ordered your kit and now you’re waiting by the window for your own UPS delivery person. Stop sitting by the window and get out to the store – or my favorite place, Amazon.com! Pick up a few of these essential items that you’ll be able to put to use AS SOON AS your kit comes in!

While You Wait Drops of Faith

Have any questions? Feel free to ask! After all, that’s what we’re here for! To help you get started with your oils.


Haven’t signed up for your kit yet, but you’re more than ready to jump on the oil train? CLICK HERE to sign up with me, Amanda!  Join us! We are an amazing team of women who love using our Essential Oils and we are always more than willing to help our team!

With love, 

Amanda Urso Perry #2338626
[email protected]


(If you’ve already been speaking with a friend about signing up for Young Living, please sign up with that person.)

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