So, you have your kit. It’s so pretty and shiny and new… However, you do not know where to start. You have heard a lot of buzz about Thieves, so you open it up and basically have the urge to bathe in it. But should you? The diffuser looks nifty… Does the water go in the tiny little hole or do you open up the cap to pour water in? Then there are all these papers. Truly, they look helpful and have pretty pictures. Let me overwhelm you: Lift up the tab of the box that your citrus fresh is in… More papers! While all of this useful information seems to mean well, you just don’t want to mess up a good thing.


My advice- start small. One or two oils a day, diffuse simple blends, make one recipe at a time until you get acquainted more with the tools. Many of the oils you will be use are detoxifying by nature. Too much of a good thing can be , well, too much. And that’s why we are here; your Faithful Droppers want to help you fall in love with your essential oils. We want you to be able to say, “Wow! I was a skeptic, but these really work!” Oh, to dilute a drop of Thieves with coconut to rub on the gums of your teething baby is like an answer to prayer. You will come away from your newfound loves in an amber colored bottle thinking, “Did that just happen? Is it a fluke or did my stress knot really just evaporate into who knows where with just a drop of Stress Away?” Then you will try a recipe over and over… Every time standing amazed in the effectiveness.

While You Wait Drops of Faith
You may also have bought some supplies already! Coconut oil, EVOO, jojoba… Some glass jars, rollers, capsules… Now, you are so overwhelmed with what goes where. And why? We are so ready to share some recipes with you!

Come join our Essential Oils 201 Online Class:

1. Ask to be a part of this awesome class. (Those who are eligible have purchased a Starter Kit from a Drops of Faith member.)

2. Set up your kit on your coffee table and get a pen and paper ready to take notes.

3. Log into Facebook at 8:50 EST on March 15, 2015. Go to your Events Tab and find the Online Recipes Class.

4. Follow along with the videos and testimonials. Ask questions, get involved, and take lots of notes!

We look so forward to helping you fall in love with your essential oils from Young Living!




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