My son has always been energetic, and as he grew older it became a struggle for him to focus in any situation. He could not enjoy a complete board game without wanting to jump to the next activity. He was constantly getting notes sent home from school about his misbehavior in class (usually talking with friends, disrupting the teacher with questions or comments). I decided that using essential oils to help him focus would be beneficial to him.

A roller recipe that you could make for your child that needs more Focus from a disorder such as ADD or ADHD or who is even autistic is the Focus Roller. Only one ingredient you will have in your Starter Kit- Lavender, but the other three ingredients are so useful for many things. You would add Lavender, Valor, Vetiver, and Cedarwood to a roller bottle- just 15 drops each. The rest of the bottle you would fill with grapeseed oil. Roll down the back of the child’s neck in the morning. Some have found that using morning and afternoon is also necessary. You would be able to send this roller recipe with your child to school.

Focus Roller_Drops of Faith_Valor_cedarwood_lavender_ADHD-0001

Read one Mom’s testimony of using the Focus Roller on her son:

“My son Cameron was diagnosed with ADHD when he was in preschool- we went to a psychologist and had many tests done. The reason why we went was because he was having a very difficult time focusing and calming down. I always thought that’s how little boys were supposed to act, energized and full of life. We decided as a family to put him on medication when he started kindergarten and had to change his medication constantly for about 2 years! After endless amounts of horrible side effects and the fact that he didn’t grow or gain one pound in a whole year and developed tics, we decided to try a different path. I started researching natural ways to help my son I kept coming across essential oils. After some research I was ready to try them so I messaged a friend that knew her oils and asked her for help. She made me a focus roller, a blend of cedarwood, lavender, and vetiver oil. After a week of him using the oils I noticed a HUGE difference in his behavior and a reduction in his tics. After a month he gained 5 pounds and has no tics! He is calmer, happier, and is doing better at school (went from getting a note every day from his teacher to none!). These oils are definitely a gift from god. I feel so blessed to have found something that works and even better, something natural!”

I would love to personally talk with you more about how essential oils could help your child.

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  1. Yeah for your son! I just tried to roller for my son yesterday and maybe I’m just sooooo excited but his teacher told me today she thought I had medicated him with one of the stimulants I refuse to try. Is it possible to see effects so quickly or do you think it was just a “special” day? I see some roller recipies include Valor, as well. Do you know if that is needed and why?
    Thank you!!!!

  2. Awesome for your son. My daughter is very hyper and have problems focusing. How often should I put this blend on her?

    1. Most of us started with 1-2 times per day. In the morning and again during the afternoon. Every child is different though.