I have little girls that wake up cranky. It doesn’t matter if they dreamed about Princesses and pink popcorn all night long, they still wake up crying and whiny in the morning. I guess I don’t blame them since my motto for morning time interaction is “No talkie until Momma has her coffee…” So one morning while I was contemplating the effectiveness of giving them a cup of my best Joe, I came up with a recipe that may just snap their bottoms into happy land.

For this roller ball recipe, which I have nicknamed my “Morning Glories” roller, you will need three essential oils found in your Premium Starter Kit:

Lemon, Joy, and Lavender


I chose lemon for it’s rousing scent; the essential oil blend Joy has uplifting overtones that bring joy to the heart; Lavender because it is soothing and refreshing. 5 drops of each essential oil go into a 10 ml roller ball (choose a dark colored glass roller bottle for better storage), then the rest of is filled with 100% Grapeseed Oil. In the morning during diaper changes, (while they’re fussing and want to go back to bed but don’t quite understand the beauty of being able to sleep without responsibility) I roll the ball from their big toe down their foot. Within 10 minutes it’s like a flip switched and all is well in their world again!

If you have little ones in your house, I encourage you to make this up for them. You could really use it any time during the day to provide a subtle sense of calm.



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