You’ve all seen those dryer balls. The ones that you use in the dryer to make their clothes dry faster and soften your clothes. I use them with my cloth diaper inserts. It definitely cuts down on drying time and there is less static too. Well, guess what?! You can use your essential oils as a great way to make your laundry smell good without the chemicals and synthetics in fabric softener.


Wool Dryer Balls

Just a few drops of your favorite scent on each ball, every few loads and you have GREAT smelling laundry! Lavender, Purification, Citrus Fresh, Lemon- any scent you’d like! Taking my laundry to a whole new level of clean!!


To make the dryer balls yourself, follow these simple instructions!

  • One skein (120 yards) of 100% wool roving yarn (where to buy)
  • Crochet hook (where to buy)
  • One knee-high or pair of pantyhose (No need to buy new, use an old pair!)
  • Scissors
  1. Start your first wool dryer ball by wrapping the yarn around a couple of fingers 10 times.
  2. Remove the yarn from your fingers and wrap about 10 times around the middle.
  3. Continue wrapping around the ball from every angle. Make your way around the ball, wrapping 5-10 times before moving to a new angle. (There’s no exact science to this. Just keep trying to form a round ball.) Wrap the yarn tightly and hang onto your ball so it doesn’t pop out of your hands.
  4. When your ball is a little bigger than a tennis ball, cut the yarn and pull the end through the ball with your crochet hook.
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 to make a second wool dryer ball with the remainder of your yarn.
  6. Place your wool balls in your pantyhose, knotting the pantyhose between the balls.
  7. Run your wool dryer balls through your washer and dryer with separate loads of laundry until they “felt” and become solid balls. (Mine “felt” in 3-4 loads.)
  8. Remove balls from pantyhose and use in the dryer in place of dryer sheets.



Megan Harrouff 

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