Oils Beyond the Kit

So, you have your Premium Start kit with 10 amazing every day oils, plus an extra, and a diffuser. You have learned the difference between neat, topical, aromatic, carrier oils, and diffusing. Speaking of diffusing you have learned some great combinations for sleep, relaxation, and concentration! You are loving these eleven oils, but ready to branch out. Not quite sure where to start? Well, we will be giving you a great introductory course through video and live blog posts on some of our favorite oils that we first purchased outside of the EveryDay Starter Essential Oils.

Just to give you a taste of what is to come: EnRGee, Cypress, Aroma Siez, and Lemongrass will be discussed plus many others!

Let us know if you would like an invite!

1. Log on to your Facebook by 9 EST/ 8 CST

2. Go to your events and find “Oils Beyond the Kit”

3. Donna Wysong will be officiating the class and will start right on time!

4. Follow along with the numbered posts- watch the videos and read the blogs.

5. Ask questions! We promise, no question is too insignificant not to ask. Your Drops of Faith essential oil educators will be live and on hand to answer for you.

6. Please chime in with your own experiences. We are all learning together!

Just promise me you will imagine us in our pj’s, with some hot tea, lots of reference books, and a computer plus iPad plus cell phone at our fingertips getting excited right along with you! We love love love this part about sharing essential oils!


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