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Pardon me as I do a happy dance while I tell you about how Aroma Siez has helped me out, and has become my favorite Young Living oil blend. My family and I moved to a little farm 3 years ago. I had the bright idea to move my raised bed garden along with all of the special planting mix that was in those raised beds; 25 huge, heavy contractor-grade trash bags full. After moving my garden to its new location, I began having terrible low back pain, every day. I finally went to the chiropractor for adjustments, which did help, but the pain always came back. I began using Young Living’s PanAway essential oil in December 2014. I was finally experiencing great pain relief, as long as I applied it daily. As a bonus, I started sleeping all night. However, remember this is about Aroma Siez.


I ran out of PanAway before my next Essential Rewards order had arrived. Oh, my aching back! I went over to a friend’s house to talk about oils, and I asked to borrow some PanAway until my order could arrive. She asked me if I had ever used Aroma Siez. I said no, I had never heard of it. She said her husband was experiencing great relief from his aching muscles, due to his very physical job. She gave me some, and oh sweet relief! Not only did my back pain subside, but I could feel my back muscles relax where a knot had been for 3 years. This is the major happy dance part!

I went home and researched Aroma Siez. The reason I felt such great relief is that it is a complex blend of anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing oils. The blend of oils is comprised of Basil, Marjoram, Cypress, Peppermint, and Lavender. It promotes circulation, helps relieve pain from headaches, relieves stressed, tired, and fatigued muscles, and can help relieve arthritis pain. Fantastic!

I also have throbbing joint pain in my right hand, particularly in my lower thumb joint and my upper middle finger joint. After reading that it can help with arthritis pain, I decided to rub a little Aroma Siez on those joints one morning when they were hurting. I experienced great relief once again.

Young Living recommends that you use a 1:1 ratio of Aroma Siez and carrier oil, since some people may have skin sensitivity when used directly on the skin. Basically, for every drop of Aroma Siez you use, add a drop of your favorite carrier oil. You can make up a roller bottle of carrier oil and Aroma Siez to apply directly where you are experiencing pain, pour your oils palm of your hand to mix them up and then apply to your achy spots, or whip up 10 drops of Aroma Siez and ½ cup of coconut oil to make a pain relief cream

I can’t wait for you to try Aroma Siez, and I hope you experience the same great pain relief that I am experiencing.

Carrie Parker 

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  1. I have stenosis of the spine and suffer from horrible cramps in my feet, legs, hands, and even my black. Aroma Siez has helped so much, I want to take a bath in it! Love love this oil!!