Hey, yall! Let’s talk about Vetiver. Wow. This guy packs a whole lotta love. I didn’t even realize how amazing this oil was until I did my own research!



We personally use Vetiver for our son, Ethan. He is high functioning Autistic and has ADHD. We use the ‘focus roller’ which contains Vetiver, Lavender, Valor and Cedarwood. We apply it in the morning and with the help of his teachers, it gets applied two more times throughout the day. I have noticed a difference in his behavior reports that come home. Naturally, he does still have “off days.” However, he’s doing better overall. His works are being done and his behavior has mellowed out a bit more. Ethan even asks and makes sure that he’s getting his oils.

Focus Roller_Drops of Faith_Valor_cedarwood_lavender_ADHD-0001

Vetiver helps to calm your central nervous system. It can help you relax, which helps us to sleep sleep and even help ease cramps. It can be applied neat or you can be diluted using a carrier oil for more sensitive skin.

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