This may be the most simple recipe that you make with your essential oils. As soon as you get your starter kit, you will have all the ingredients to make the “Good for Everything Cream”.

In my house, we use this cream for diaper rash, eczema outbreaks, scrapes and bumps in our first aid kit, eye makeup remover, face moisturizer, and probably a dozen other uses that we find as we go.

To make the cream you will need organic coconut oil, a glass jar for storage, Frankincense Essential Oil, and a whisk or hand mixer. Measure about 1/2 cup of coconut oil and either whisk in the glass storage jar until creamy or use a hand mixer on low in a separate bowl. Add about 10 drops of Frankincense to the coconut oil and blend well.

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I keep a jar in my girls’ ¬†bedroom beside where we change diapers. They both have severe eczema and have to wear cloth diapers. The coconut oil and frankincense mixture is effective in clearing up a rash and also safe to use with the cloth diapers.

We keep a jar in the first aid kit in the hallway closet. My son has a terrible time with ant bites. For some reason they flock to him- in a group of ten they seem to always find his feet! At seven years old, he is able to run inside after an ant bite and apply the cream. We have tried many other over the counter creams and even prescription, but this mixture is able to keep the bites from pussing up and stop the pain for my little boy.


In my bathroom, the “Good for Everything Cream” is kept on my counter. To remove my eye makeup with it I rub a bit on my eyelids and remove with a cotton ball. As a moisturizer you would apply to your face after cleansing- most likely in the evening.

Recently, I gave a friend a jar to try out. She has suffered with Psoriasis, especially with outbreaks on her arms and ears. A week after using for spot treatment she was able to say “The everything cream has been helping with my psoriasis spots!” I love hearing new ways that a recipe is working for others.

Hopefully you are inspired to whip you up a jar of the Good for Everything Cream and find some uses for it in your own home soon!



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    1. Curious if you have created a facewash? Also does the oil on your eyes cause irritation? Thanks. Rachel

      1. We have made a face wash, be watching for that blog post soon. The oils do not bother my eyes. Definitely don’t put the oils directly in your eyes though.