Citrus Fresh is a fantastic blend from Young Living. Ok, they’re all fantastic but I really LOVE this oil. It’s a combination of Orange, Tangerine, Mandarine, Grapefruit, Lemon and Spearmint. I use this in my kitchen a lot!!

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I mix it into powdered sugar icing and pour it over my pound cakes, I put it in my chocolate when I am making chocolate covered pretzels, I put a drop in my tea or water to help support my immune system and overall health. And I’ve put a drop in my beer. That is a great way to get the citrus flavor all the way down to the end of the beer! I also use this on my dryer balls because I love this oils so much, I even want my clothes to smell this yummy!!

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The other way that I use this oil is in my diffuser. I love to diffuse Citrus Fresh along with Joy. It helps support mental clarity and give me a feeling of creativity and well being and also reduces stress. I’ve got kids, getting out the door in the morning can be stressful! It is always a great oil to diffuse when people are coming to visit. Makes the house smell wonderful and purifies the air. I find that I am really able to get things done if I diffuse this oil! Sometimes, for an extra boost, I’ll apply a couple of drops of this oil to my feet before I set out to clean the house! Gets me moving and feeling great every time!

Megan Harrouff

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