Hey y’all! Amanda, here! I’m excited to share a bit with you about this weekend’s event! I had the opportunity to host a booth at the Girl’s Night Out event benefiting the MOMentum Network here in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The MOMentum Network is a great new organization created to help support single mothers who are putting themselves through college to create a better quality of life for themselves and their children.

It was really inspiring to be around successful women, some of who (like myself) use to be or still are single mothers. Many other local businesses lead by women came out for a fun night of shopping and networking. We were all there to create a fun event for ladies to learn more about what the MOMentum Network really is and how we can help out. If you feel inspired to help and support single mothers who are in college, please visit the MOMentum website to learn what you can do!

Now, for the Young Living booth I had set up! I did a bit of research and got great ideas from my wonderful team on what to and not to do for the booth.

Drops Of Faith Expo Booth Amanda Perry01

I have an awesome iMac that I always think looks so beautiful placed on a table like this. I ran a slideshow of photos of the different starter kit oils. I also used photos from Young Living of their lavender fields, one of the distilleries and even Gary Young himself.

Drops Of Faith Expo Booth Amanda Perry02

I made small notecards that had just a tad of information on each oil and placed them in front of the oils. I also sat small mason jars of epsom salt next to each starter kit oil and added a couple drops. When opening an oil for the first time, their smell is so strong and potent that it’s almost too intense. The epsom salt lets you smell their smell but not quite as strong. It’s more like if it were being diffused. Speaking of diffusing, we diffused Peppermint and Orange together. Later we mixed it up and did just Citrus Fresh.

Drops Of Faith Expo Booth Amanda Perry06

For a little decoration, I brought some fresh lemons, peppermint and lavender. Nothing too fancy but it created a nice visual. I also sat out some of my own creations that I’ve used my oils for such as the Pain Cream, Bug Spray and Allergy Trio.

Drops Of Faith Expo Booth Amanda Perry04

The chalkboard is another visual I added with information on the Premium Starter Kit. A lot of ladies commented on how they liked the chalkboard and most everyone seemed to go straight to it to initially read the info on what all is included.

Drops Of Faith Expo Booth Amanda Perry03

My favorite thing about the expo table was the contact sheets. Ladies that were interested in learning more or wanted to be added to our amazing team’s Facebook group, filled out these forms and left their information. I can’t wait to follow up with some of the awesome women we met last night. Also, there were brochures for people to take. The inside of the brochure had information on the Premium Starter Kit and the Everyday Oils. Also, my information is on the back so they know where to find me.

Drops Of Faith Expo Booth Amanda Perry05

I also want to give a big shout out to my best friend, Angel. She helped set everything up and shared some great info with ladies at the expo! I couldn’t have handled all the traffic by myself nor would I have wanted to! Thank you for all your help and hard work, Angel!

If you’re thinking of setting up an expo booth a local event in your town, I highly suggest using some of these tips. I feel like over all it was a successful night with some great contacts made!

If you were one of the ladies who I met at the event last night, please feel free to e-mail me! I’m really looking forward to following up with each and everyone of you!

Haven’t signed up for your kit yet, but you’re more than ready to jump on the oil train? CLICK HERE to sign up with me, Amanda!  Join us! We are an amazing team of women who love using our Essential Oils and we are always more than willing to help our team!



With love, 

Amanda Urso Perry
E-Mail: [email protected]

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    1. Definitely worth while. Education is key. We plant seeds and then pray God’s will over them. In His perfect timing 🙂

  1. Wow that looks AWESOME!!! Thank you for being willing to share your tips and tricks. I’ve just started as a distributor and will be doing a few craft shows in the fall and these are all great ideas! I love, love, love the idea of using fresh herbs!

    Do you happen to have a copy of the sign up/inquiry form that you’re willing to share? I think that’s an awesome idea for engaging the people you meet.

    If it’s easier you can e-mail me back with your response…I know it’s easy to lose track of comments. Thanks!

    [email protected]

  2. Amanda,

    This is a great resource. Some ladies from a sister church are planning of mom’s day out vendor event. I am curious what your goal was at the event – sign people up for the starter kit? Do it on site? Send home information and people did it later? Contacts to follow up? Thanks so much!

    1. Our main goal is education. From there it is God’s will. We would love to have people jump in and purchase a kit, whether that be on the spot, taking a card home to find our website and decide later, or simply contact them with a follow up later on to see if they have more questions.

  3. Hi Amanda.
    I love your ideas!! Would you be able to share what was on your little cards that folks filled out? I’d love to do something like this at my upcoming bazaar. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the great information and tips!! I have been a distributor for about 3 years, but I signed up mainly for personal use. I have agreed to set up a table at a local vendor show and I was nervous about what to include. Your tips are life lifesaver!!!