Hey everyone!! I hope you all are loving your oils by now!

Ever run into a crazy

“this CANNOT be as hard as I am making”

Yeah?! I was there with these crazy roller ball lids and trying to get that little fitment roller into the bottle. I tried and I TRIED with all my might and still it sat there on top of the bottle…..seemingly laughing at me. So then, I called in the hubs!

Every gal has got to have her knight in shining armor to rescue her from these moments of “I’m over thinking it again” desperation. And of course, he fixes it in no time.

So I’m here to share how to apply those pesky little roller fitments EASILY!

Roller Bottle Color Step 1

Nice and easy Step One….. now on we go!

Roller Bottle Color Step 2

Oils added, still feeling good? Hang in there…we’re almost thru!

Roller Bottle Color Step 3

Alrighty and the moment we have all been waiting for……. drum roll please!

Roller Bottle Color Step 4

You did it!! It is really that easy! Go ahead and do a happy dance! I did!

If you have any questions, please ask! We love to help others! And if you want in on this crazy fun oily journey we are on please join us at www.faithfuldroppers.com/getting-started.

Donna Wysong

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