Oregano essential oil from Young Living has rapidly become one of my FAVORITE oils.  I have made my own red sauce for years.  I worked for a man for 10 years who was 100% Italian.  His wife was 100% Italian.  They had their own family recipe for sauce.  It was GOOD!!  So, when I found Young Living Oregano Essential Oil, I thought, well, let’s just kick up this recipe a notch!  I LOVE adding a drop or two of essential oil to my sauce in place of my fresh garden herbs.  It gives it a real deep flavor!  Try it!  I know you’ll love it!!

Oregano Essential Oil

BUT…Did you know that oregano has a TON of “anti” properties?!  It has anti aging, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, & antinociceptive properties.  Essentially, it has the ability to kill a lot of germs!!!  It’s very high in phenols which are the part of the essential oil that doesn’t allow bacteria or viruses to survive.  I use this oil in my children’s nightly foot roller when I feel like they’re starting to get a “bug”.   However, I dilute it, because it is considered to be a “warm” oil and it may irritate the skin.  Just a couple of drops with 1 Tbsp of a carrier oil and it can help kick that “bug”.

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