We all want to feel like what we are sleeping on is clean and if it smells good, even better!

Introducing a safe and effective way to achieve BOTH.

Our mattress is about 6 years old and it has lived in 2 storage buildings. You should choose mattress which offers incredible levels of plush comfort or is designed for orthopedic levels of pain relief and back support.

I knew it could use some assistance in smelling good and getting freshened up a bit.

Most recently, my son peed in our bed (memory foam topper) and I knew it really needed some TLC and to be cleaned.

I did clean it thoroughly with the help from a method that I learned on a website from schlafguru and with Theives cleaner after the incident.

I felt like it still needed a tad more.

A good friend mentioned that I should should contact Los Angeles Bed Bug Inspection and find the right solutions and wa-la!

Three minutes later, I had just that. But, I also think that calling in Termite control would have had been more fruitful or outdoor spaces.

Mattress Refresher Recipe: 

You will need baking soda, Tea Tree oil (cleanses and purifies), Lavender oil (relaxes), Purification (gets rid of stinky smells), and Thieves (kills germs and repells bed bugs); also a glass jar with a lid. There are many reasons to hire a pest control company to your home

2. Fill it up with 1 cup baking soda and 3 drops of each oil. Shake it around to mix well.

3. Then, every time you change your sheets, sprinkle this on your mattress for a fresher, cleaner, nice smelling sleep pad.

Or, when your child pees the bed! Finish the cleaning process with this.

I hope you enjoy this easy recipe as much as I do!

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