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Unscented from Kansas Asks Abby:

My mom’s sense of smell is not as keen as it used to be as she has aged. Anything you would recommend for that?

Dear Unscented,

I can imagine the degeneration of one’s sense of smell must be fairly terrible.

I am so sorry for your mom’s issue.

I’m going to advise you as though this were me or my mom.


The senses of smell and taste are strongly connected. Some of the common causes of loss of smell and taste are pollutants and aging.

Recommendations for keeping your body healthy and supporting your respiratory system so that your body continues to function properly would be these:

Peppermint, Thyme, Myrtle, Eucalyptus Globulus, RC, Raven, Exodux II, Joy, Highest Potential, The Gift, & Sensation.

Sense of Smell Oils

All of these are either single oils or blends that Young Living carries.

Your mom can diffuse her choice of oils for 1/2 hour every 4-6 hours as desired.

She can put 2-3 drops of her chosen oil in her hands, rub them together, cup hands over her nose, and inhale throughout the day as needed.

8-10 drops can be put on a cotton ball or tissue and put in air  vents in her house or vehicle.

She could also apply these oil neat or diluted (depending on which oil she is using) to the bridge of her nose, along her brain stem, and on her feet in the vita flex points. I would focus on the sinus point (under the 2nd toe) and even the brain vita flex point (center of the big toe).

Of course, I will also recommend the amazing superfood drink Young Living has– Ningxia Red. It is full body nutrition and packed full of antioxidants. This is always an excellent supplement when trying to achieve overall health and wellness.


What about you? Do you have a story of what worked for you? We would love for you to chime in!

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Abby Wilkey is a trained doula. She has worked alongside a homebirth midwife and also birthed her two boys at home. She is a stay at home wife to a loving paramedic. Abby loves using Young Living essential oils for her family’s health and wellness. In her past time you can find her sipping coffee (with a straw to protect those pearly brights!) or baking homemade bread and donuts! Abby is not a doctor, physician, or chiropractor. Therefore, she cannot treat, diagnose, or prescribe treatment for any issues. What she can do is speak from experience and wisdom while also seeking knowledge through scientific studies and research. 

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