I have been biting my tongue for nearly a month now in anticipation of this new, beautiful, easy to share kit! IT IS FINALLY HERE!!


This new kit comes in a very sturdy box, with a magnet closure and little gold ribbon pull tabs. Rumor has it that the same creators of Apple product packaging helped to design the new Starter Kit with Young Living.

Everything has it’s own place. See, look at the paperwork sticking out of the top in the picture. It slides down into it’s own little slot, so no more opening a box to messy paperwork flying everywhere! (Can you tell I love organization just a little?!)


This is what it will look like when it arrives on your door step (Save, I got so stinkin excited I pulled my diffuser out of the box for you to see. You will forgive me though, right?!)  Here’s the deal…. you now get to choose which diffuser you want! Choose between the Dew Drop Diffuser (shown), the Home Diffuser (which I have 2 of and love), the Bamboo Diffuser or the Aria. I love options and with so many fabulous choices now, I MUST collect them all! (and side note the aria comes with a remote!!)


Young  Living did change up the oils a bit (we will get to that in just a second). First, I have to take a moment to let you see the new Everyday Oil Display.  Seriously ya’ll those 10 essential oils are standing on their own!!  Some genius (who needs some serious high 5’s today!) put a backing on that sturdy little holder and those oils stand all by themselves in that beautiful display!  OK, ok…now onto the new line up, wait for it….. you’re going to LOVE IT!!


And here they are:

1. Thieves 2. Lavender 3. Purification 4. PanAway 5. Frankincense 6. Peppermint 7. Lemon 8. Copaiba 9. RC 10. Digize and Bonus oil 11. StressAway!!

I can hardly hold my excitement!! But wait there is MORE!!

In years past Young Living has had supply constraints on starter kit oils, and they have had to wait for more oils to come back in season before a new member would receive their Premium Starter Kit. But not any more!!  Young Living has orchestrated the Flex Oil System.  If an oil within the Starter Kit ever goes out of stock, then one of five oils will be substituted in and production doesn’t stop. Out of stock items happen as we know, because Gary Young refuses to jeopardize quality for quantity and we must simply wait for crops to grow and be harvested.   Woohoo Young Living!! Thank you for going above and beyond!

Flex Oils

Young Living has thought of everything. What more could they possibly put in this kit?!  So glad you asked!!  Because there is MORE!!

Love it Share it

Whoop whoop!!  Look at that!  YL has included little dram bottles for sharing along with the normal sample packets they were already sending. Plus cards to attach these little dram bottles so that you do not have to scratch down information on what that oil is and how to safely use it.  Look at the top of those little bottles. THERE ARE STOPPERS FOR THE DROPPER! I haven’t even been able to find little lids like that! No more losing precious drops of oils while sharing.

Sharing Lavender

Let’s do a round up of all that is included in the Premium Starter Kit: 10 every day oils; bonus Stress Away essential oil sample bottles with sharable information cards; sample packets of Peppermint, Lemon, Thieves, Peace and Calming, and Lavender; 2 sample packets of Ningxia Red (throw these in the fridge when you get them to enjoy later!); and product literature.

Ok so for real, if you don’t have your Starter Kit you NEED one now! We would love to help you get started on your oily journey for your family’s health and wellness. Reach out and send us an email OR the Drops of Faith team is holding an Online 101 Essential Oil Class this Sunday, June 21,  via FaceBook. If you are not currently part of another team we would love to send you an invite to this exclusive online class.


Donna Wysong donna_wysong

Parker, Colorado


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