Talk about relaxing! The July 2015 Promos will have you ready to relax after a long day of summer activity! Ravintsara and Aroma Siez are both good to diffuse or inhale deeply straight from the bottle for a cooling and refreshing aromatic experience. Not quite  a morning person? The Morning Start Bath and Shower Gel will have you motivated to enjoy your long summer days outside. You don’t want to forget this shower gel while on vacation!

July promos

300 PV Reward

Retail Value: $129.60

5-ml bottle Ravintsara

Morning Start Bath & Shower Gel

10% in Essential Rewards Points

Bonus 5-ml Aroma Siez on Essential Rewards orders

250 PV Reward

Retail Value: over $79.60

5-ml Ravintsara

Morning Start Bath & Shower Gel

Bonus 5-ml bottle of Aroma Siez on Essential Rewards orders

190 PV Reward

Retail Value: $54.93

5-ml bottle Ravintsara

Bonus 5-ml bottle of Aroma Siez on Essential Rewards orders

Ravintsara: HistRavintsaraorically used in Madagascar for many helpful reasons, we now use this single essential oil aromatically and topically. As soon as you receive this oil, open it up and deeply inhale. The best I can describe the clean scent is cooling and stimulating. I am actually holding the bottle as I type and about to add it to my USB diffuser. One key constituent of Ravintsara is Eucalyptol (50-65%), so the aroma is similar to Eucalyptus but softer. It would be used for similar reason as eucalyptus. However, used aromatically it can help to clear brain fog and strengthen motivation. This is definitely a refreshing oil when diffused with Lemon or Lemongrass.

Ravintsara Aroma Siez: An essential oil blend containing basil, marjoram, lavender, peppermint, and cypress, Aroma Siez is a relaxing blend for “massaging away life’s little discomforts”. I would make a massage oil with Young Living’s V-6 Oil or take it up a notch and add the Aroma Siez with Lemongrass and Lavender to the Vitassage Essential Oil Dispensing Massager. Applied topically, it can provide soothing comfort for the head, neck, and tired feet. (Think of wakeboarding, hiking, and other summer activities).


Morning Start Bath & Shower Gel Morning Start Bath & Shower Gel: An invigorating way to start your day! This shower gel is full of naturally cleansing and moisturizing botanicals to jumpstart your day with vigor and energy! Take a shower at the gym before work? Take along the Morning Start Shower Gel. The essential oils present in this gel are Lemongrass, Rosemary, Juniper, and Peppermint



10% in Essential Rewards Points: Essential Rewards are a great way to save up for something special from Young Living. Had your eye on an essential oil or product that is not quite in your monthly budget? Save up points from your regularly scheduled ER orders to make a quick order later in the month and receive free items! It is like a Christmas present to yourself. This month, you can get an additional 10% back in Essential Rewards points on orders between 300PV and 500PV.




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