8162384071_a57a4f20f1_oI love my essential oils for cleaning.  It gives me the peace of mind that I’m cleaning my house without any harsh chemicals, which is important since I have lots of kiddos running around, but I have to hire bond cleaning services once in a while. I know that you can make your own thieves cleaner by using 2 drops of thieves to 2 oz of distilled water.  To make 10 oz, this would cost you $1.50 and I’m all about saving money.  So please, do yourself a favor, purchase the “Thieves Household Cleaner”.  Save your self some time & money.  The recipe I use only costs me $0.88 for an entire 32 oz.  SOOOO worth it!

Thieves Cleaning
SO, here’s how I do this.

1- I mix up my Thieves cleaner.  I do one capful of cleaner to 32 oz of water in a spray bottle.  This will give you about a 1:60 dilution of the cleaner.

2 – I spray my nasty grout with the cleaner.

3 – I sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on the grout.  This acts as an abrasive and really cuts down on your scrubbing time.

4 – Depending on how nasty the grout is, I will leave the cleaner on, to allow it to do it’s job.  I don’t want to do more work than I have to and with Thieves Cleaner, I have to do very little

5 – To finish up, I use a damp rag and wipe off the grout.  If you’re doing this in your shower, you could just rinse the walls.

6 – Finally, stand back and enjoy your clean grout.  Maybe give yourself a break before you start finding other things you can clean with this awesome cleaner!!  I promise you won’t regret it!!

Megan Harrouff  from  St. Louis, Missouri
 [email protected]


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