So by now you must have heard about Young Living’s October Promo’s and if not take a look here, it is the best promo I have ever seen! Free diffuser? Um yes please! To go along side Young Living’s Promo our Drops of Faith team would like to encourage more classes this month!  So here is the scoop: you need to attend 2 classes (only one can be online) and place 100PV order (we want to make sure you are reaping what you are sewing and getting that paycheck!) and then we are going to send you a Chem Free Home book!! This is one of the first books I purchased outside of my reference books and I really like it! It is chalked full of homemade oily goodness from cleaning to beauty tips!


So lets get to those classes and brownie points for hosting them and bringing friends (this is the very best way to spread your oily love!)  Make sure you participate and take pics.  We just might be having random happy mail going out to those posting pictures.

Happy Fall Ya’ll!!

Donna Wysong





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