“How… How do I get my husband to be on board with my Young Living essential oils?!”

I get asked this question more often than not. So many women are quick to jump on board with essential oils! They are taking charge of their health, and they are so ready to keep their family and friends above the wellness line. So, why are our husbands/boyfriends/dads, or basically any male so skeptical about essential oils? It’s annoying, right…? But wait! There is a good side to this.

Their unwillingness to be oily makes us try harder. It teaches us as women not to give up, and we actually end up becoming more successful at being healthier. For me, it gave me a reason to learn about my oils, a reason to use my oils, and ended up with a new lease on taking control of my health!

My Oily Husband

“So… How did I get my husband oily?” I just told my husband, “When you’re ready to be healthy, let me know.” Then, I went on with my oily self. I would diffuse essential oils for the kiddos. I would apply oils on their feet for a restful night’s sleep. I would make sure that I used every opportunity I had to support any body system that we could. We used our immunity support roller. I ran lavender and lemon and peppermint in the diffuser. And, I would just casually point out the difference in our kiddos when I saw an improvement. Not once did I say, “See, I told you so”. I left it as his choice.

What made him switch? Where was the light bulb moment? It was actually the Breathe Again Roll-On. My husband used the roll-on during the changing of the seasons this past spring while he was at work. When he got home, he said, “Well, I’m a believer!” At that point, we started getting him on a daily wellness routine that includes

Ningxia Red NitroLemonLavenderLimePeppermint 15-ml

  • 2 oz. of Ningxia Red
  • Nitro when needed
  • Essential Oils: Lemon, Lavender, Lime, and Peppermint
  • A supplement line up to help him with his work out routine.

The last addition was the icing on the cake for him. He came to me a month ago with a list of supplements he wanted to try from another company to help improve his workout routine. I am so happy that he has started working out again for his health, and I was so glad he was ready to start supporting his body and improve his health! But… for me to let my husband try another company’s supplements when Young Living has a GREAT line up of supplements would be insane! We know how seriously Young Living takes the “Seed to Seal” process- they also take great care in developing their supplements. I asked him for the opportunity to use Young Living for 2 months. If it did not work like he was expecting, then I would help him get the other company’s supplements. So, I got to work! I started researching the body, specifically the muscular system. I watched some great YouTube videos from a chiropractor named Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton. I also researched all I could find about lean muscle mass and how to increase your energy and protein intake. A 2018 study reported that supplementing intake with vegan protein powder amazon might reduce body weight and total fat mass in people who are overweight or obese. It may also reduce blood pressure, total cholesterol, and other risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. I learned about diet and how much water he should be drinking. It was a lot at first, but MAN, there is some good stuff out there!

After about 2 weeks of research, (I have kids so trying to research takes time) I was able to confidently hand my husband a supplement line up that I thought was the best:

BLM OmegaGizeSulfurzyme

  •  4 capsules a day of BLM
  • 2 Sulferzyme
  • 4 Omegagize
  • His normal 2 oz of Ningxia Red (did you know there’s 5.8g of protein in one serving of Ningxia Red?!).

My husband has been on his supplement line up for 2.5 weeks. He came to me last night and said, “You know, I think that those supplements are making a difference. I’ve changed up my workout and I’m not sore. Usually after any work out, I’m pretty worn down, but recently, even after I hit it pretty hard at the gym, I’m feeling great. I’m not worn down, I am not sore and I don’t drag through the day.”

There you have it! From my non oily turned oily husband. I FEEL GREAT!”

Don’t give up ladies. Keep using your oils in spite of him calling you “the witch doctor” or making fun of your “potions and snake oils”. Keep praying. Someday, God will give you an opportunity to use His oils to help your husband. And when He does, you’ll be ready and able!

Keep oilin’ ladies! 😉

Megan Harrouff from St. Louis, Missouri
[email protected]


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