Lavender essential oil from Young Living has a scent that’s a wonderful blend of fresh, floral, clean, and calm.  Lavender is one of history’s most celebrated and versatile essential oils. It is steam distilled from Lavandula angustifolia, a perennial, bushy shrub with a flowery top. Historically, Greeks used lavender as a perfume. The Romans used it in their baths for washing, for its cleansing qualities, and to deter insects. The Egyptians used lavender as an ingredient in incense and perfume. Queen Elizabeth I used it in her tea to soothe tension.

Young Living grows lavender on three farms located in Utah, Idaho, and France. The original seeds from France are what is now cultivated in the United States farm of St. Marie, Idaho. This species of lavender is of utmost quality and provides an essential oils that is pure, free of chemical synthetics, and versatile for your use.
You may be most familiar with the aroma of lavender in perfumes, laundry, soaps, and cleaners in common household products. However, making these items in your home with gentle and natural ingredients will prove more beneficial to your health than harmful chemicals and fragrances.


Here are some of our favorite ways to use lavender…
– Add 3 drops to your diffuser fro clean-smelling air
-Make a face wash with Castile soap, water, and lavender essential oil
– Soothe skin and decrease irritation with lavender and coconut oil
– Make a sheet spray with lavender and distilled water to spray before bed and enjoy the calming aroma.
-Use lavender as part of your evening routine. Rub oil on the bottom of your feet before bed to promote relaxation.
– Place a few drops of lavender on a dry washcloth and add to the dryer to replace fabric softener sheets
– Drop 2 drops of lavender on a cotton ball and place in dark closets or draws to keep clothing fresh.
– Wear a diffuser necklace with 1 drop lavender while rocking a newborn baby to sleep. This will calm both child and caregiver.
-By adding lavender to Epsom salts in a warm bath, you can create a spa experience in your own home.

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  1. Rubbing lavender on my feet is part of my nightly relaxation routine! It is extremely calming and helps me fall asleep.

  2. Lavender is one of the reasons I became a wholesale member. Love the versatility of this oil. I didn’t know all the history behind it though. Thanks for this great post Danielle.

  3. Love lavender! I keep a large mason jar full of epsom salt and lavender essential oil for anytime someone wants a bath. Then I can just add any additional oils as needed. Rub some on your belly to help promote a restful nights sleep! So many uses!

  4. I diffuse lavender every night while I sleep. I also use it in a facial scrub and moisturizer and on my babies when the need to settle down. I love the lavender lotion too.

  5. I just received my starter kit and haven’t used the lavender other than diffusing the sample I received from Amber Klemp. I am excited about the many uses the lavender has because it is one of my favorite oils in my kit. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I am looking forward to ordering lavender lotion on my next ER order! Lavender spray for my sheets is on my list to make too! Thanks Danielle!

  7. I use lavender for a lot of different things just a few are to help support a restful nights sleep, in relaxing bath salts, and in my facial roller.

  8. I diffuse lavender every night with Cedarwood to promote a good night’s sleep. I put it on my skin if I burn myself in the kitchen or on my curling iron. We put it on our skin to relieve itchy, dry skin, or itchy bug bites. I put it in my morning beauty serum, and in bath salts for relaxing.

  9. There’s not enough space to write about the goodness of this oil. Hands down one of my favorite and pretty much used daily around my house.