This tiny bottle of wonder works miracles!  It is an oil blend that contains, wintergreen, helichrysum, clove and peppermint.  It provides support for your muscular system as well as your joints. The essential oils in PanAway include naturally occurring constituents methyl salicylate, gamma-curcumene, menthol, and eugenol. I will just leave that for you to research.

PanAway is a best-selling blend formulated by our founder, D. Gary Young. Many call this a “must have” essential oil blend in their collection.



Ways to use PanAway… 

PanAway be diluted with an oil infused carrier oil for extra power. I like to dilute it with Young Living’s Ortho Sport Massage oil, which I got from here. This oil also works wonders when added to a cup of Epsom salt and then to a warm bath.  Great way to end a long day by unwinding in a warm bath with the menthol aroma of PanAway.

For relief after a hard workout, apply it neat (without a carrier) to a specific location. You can also apply a drop or two to your temples, back of your neck or forehead.  Adding PanAway with carrier oil is a great way to use this oil on the go.

From Doug Corrigan, researcher for Young Living, “The mechanism that causes discomfort in tissue has many different pathways. And PanAway has a blend of powerful oils that are effective in those different areas. You have peppermint which has a really great effect because of the menthol that’s in it. But you also have wintergreen which has as its chief component methyl salicylate. Many of you will recognize methyl salicylate as the main ingredient in aspirin. So you have it in a natural form in wintergreen without the drawbacks of a synthetic form like aspirin. Then there are two truly legendary oils: clove and helichrysum. Clove oil has a tremendous antioxidant capability and helichrysum has free-radical scavenging effects while it inhibits some enzymes that contribute to discomfort.”


To hear more about this oil please watch Lisa Tutrow and all the info she has to share:


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  1. I use panaway on the bottom of my feet after a long day at work because I am constantly standing and walking.

  2. PanAway stays in my bag to use after I’ve been on my feet all day. It takes the discomfort right out of my feet and back!

  3. So this is one of the main oils that sold me on essential oils and how they actually do work! We use it quite often in our home on backs, knees and shoulders!

  4. This was one of the first oils I tried when I got my kit. I used it for my headaches which sometimes became migraines. I also carry this with a roller on it in my purse with the stress away.

  5. Panaway was the last oil I tried from my kit. What was I think? It’s amazing for muscle discomfort!! I make a cream with Panaway and several other kit oils to use on my neck, shoulders and back before I go to sleep each night.

  6. PanAway was the first oil I used on my back. Interestingly, I started to sleep like a baby after using it regularly, which I had been struggling with since college. I also use it on my neck and hairline.

  7. Pain relief without a pill seems hard to believe!! As I have gotten older, I find things hurt more than they used to. Would love to try something that does not involve taking a pill to feel better!!