Thieves essential oil from Young Living is one that I will not run out of.  You want to talk about a powerhouse blend?!  This is it.  In one bottle of Thieves, there are five different essential oils; clove, lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus, and cinnamon bark.  That is a whole lot of goodness in one little bottle.  When I started with Young Living, I wanted to know why they would name this bottle “Thieves”. What I found was a wonderful, historic story:  Thieves was formulated based on research of 15th century French thieves who were robbing the dead and the dying.  When these thieves were caught, they were given a lesser sentence if they revealed the blend of herbs, spices, and oils that they covered themselves in while robbing those with plague to not contract the plague.  This is a part to love about essential oils.  These oils are not just a fad, they have been used for centuries!


ThievesRThieves is a dietary oil.  What that means is that you can actually ingest this oil.  It is great for supporting your immune system. Because of the eucalyptus, it may also be great for supporting your respiratory system.  When I need some immune support, I will ingest a couple drops of Thieves in a veggie capsule along with some olive oil.  I also enjoy a couple drops of this oil in a cup of warm tea with some honey and lemon when I am needing respiratory support.  I also use this oil to promote oral health.  There is a whole line of Thieves oral care:  toothpaste, floss, mints, mouthwash… you name it!

Young Living also has an entire cleaning line with Thieves essential oil!  Household cleaner, dish soap, laundry soap, hand soap, wipes, hand sanitizer, and surface spray.


 To hear more about this oil please watch Stephanie Harrouff for the info she has to share:


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  1. I love thieves also! This and purification in the diffuser and I can smell that all day. Thieves makes me feel better when my kids are sick too!

  2. Been going through Thieves like crazy these past couple of weeks. Need to boost that immune system. It’s been diffusing every morning, rolled on the bottom of my feet before the socks go on and a drop in my morning coffee for good measure. So far, it’s been working like a charm. I don’t know about you but for me, Thieves is my bullet in the gun when my body goes to battle.

  3. I have heard so much abt the thieves cleaner…..I tried to get it on my next we order but it’s out of stock! ? Hopefully by March it will be back but meanwhile I will be using it to help my rough cough!

  4. Thieves is a MUST HAVE oil! It is so versatile, but I mainly use it to support my immune system. The story of how Thieves got its name is my favorite Young Living story to tell!

  5. I can’t keep a bottle of Thieves in my house for anything! I need to order a back stock so that when one is empty, I still have one. A family of 5-we use this ALL THE TIME! It’s awesome in a roller bottle to help support our immune systems!

  6. I now see why this oil is talked so highly off. Great information! Can’t wait to see how these oils help my tiny family.

  7. Diffuse this constantly! If having company over, in the evenings and mornings!

    Add it to rollers and tea! So many wonderful uses and reasons!

  8. I use Thieves in my diffusers almost everyday. I love the fall scent and the way it supports our immune systems.

  9. Theives is my favorite! I love the smell and diffuse it most of the time. I use theives cleaner for cleaning pretty much everything, especially my hardwood floors. I also use theives laundry cleaner!!

  10. Thieves is my favorite to diffuse in my home and classroom. I think it has really cut down on the colds.

  11. Goodness, I love this oil!!! I made my own mouthwash with thieves and peppermint, put a drop of peppermint, thieves, 3 drops of lemon, and 1 drop of Frankincense on a spoon of honey, diffuse it, wear it and Rosemary in my diffuser necklace, and of course clean with it!

  12. I am obsessed with the thieves mouth wash and cleaning spray. I also love diffusing it when I am starting to feel a cold coming on.

  13. I use a thieves roller on my son and myself daily for health and I drink thieves tea as soon as I get that tickle in my throat. Thieves is awesome!

  14. I’ve been using chemical cleaners for so long in my bathroom
    I can’t wait to try something non chemical and see if it actually works! I’ve heard great things about this cleaner!

  15. Awesome info and a great historical story too!! Think it’s about time to take the plunge and get started using oils.

  16. Thieves!! I love this oil. I enjoy diffusing it, we add it to our immune boosting roller, I’ll make hot tea with it…the uses are endless. This is one you keep stock of so you don’t run out.