NingXia Red! Oh my… this amazing drink!

20 Ningxia Red 101

This amazing nutrient rich drink is an amazing antioxidant chock full of health benefits and amazing essential oil goodness. A consistent serving of Ningxia Red provides a long lasting, natural energy and boost to a healthy lifestyle. explains the common triggers that patients might feel when a dose of this is taken, but those are inconsiquential.

It’s so amazing, Young Living even offers a Premium Starter Kit solely featuring Young Living Products and a super cost effective bundle available only to Essential Rewards members. I love that it is JAM PACKED with nutrients and it so yummy to boot! I added NingXia Red to my daily routine in May of last year and wow, what a difference. I feel more balanced physically, mentally and emotionally. I am more consistent and productive when I’m drinking it daily.

Ningxia Red

You just can’t beat the NingXia Wolfberry for nutritional content! 100g of Fresh NingXia Wolfberry contains:
19 amino acids (5.8g protein)
22 trace minerals
5 unsaturated fatty acids, polysaccharides
7mg beta carotene (=180% Vitamin A)
Vitamins B1, B6
100% Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)*
300% Vitamin C*
90% Vitamin E*
10% Calcium*
24% Potassium*
100% Iron*
91% Selenium*
18% Zinc*

*Daily Value

Check it out-in just ONE 2 ounce serving of this stuff, you get:
100g Whole Fresh NingXia Wolfberries (With all of the above nutrients!) PLUS…
230g Blueberries
140g Cherries
1 Cup of Arronia berries
125mg Grape Seed Extract
4 Pomegranates
2 Plums
Orange, Lemon, Tangerine & Yuzu Essential Oils

It’s almost a mean trick that Young Living gives us two samples in the Premium Starter Kit! It’s just enough to drive you crazy until you can get MORE!

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