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Nausea and heart burn, we all get it at some point in time! Some of us A LOT worse than others and there is nothing to cure it other than to wait out those long 9 months, but here are a few tips that drastically changed the game and helped me through these pregnancy battles.

For starters let me say “CONGRATS” you’re expecting a sweet little blessing and that is super exciting! If it makes you feel any better I have been told time and time again that the nausea and heartburn means that I’m growing a healthy little bundle of joy inside of me, this goes for you too! (At least that was the story I was told and I’m sticking to it! Even if I’m not 100% for certain that they weren’t just saying that to make me feel better).

Ningxia Red

So for the nausea, I discovered if I was diligently taking my Ningxia Red in the morning and at lunch that it was truly helping to maintain a healthy blood sugar balance! Which turns out that blood sugar balance also plays a roll in morning sickness and nausea! Who knew?! In this never ending nausea battle, its just as important to steer clear of the “bad stuff” such as sweets and chocolate bars, as it is putting good stuff in, such as nutrient packed supplements and whole foods.

orange lime grapefruit vitality

Water, water, water….. seriously people what is it with all the water?! I drank it till I felt like my eye balls were floating and my midwife was still telling me “make sure you’re drinking enough water”. Bless her heart, she was so patient with me… but thats another story. So I found an AMAZING trick to getting the water I needed (with out throwing it all back up) ORANGE vitality essential oil! I carried that little oil with me everywhere and when I could feel the nausea arising or it was simply time to have yet another glass of water, I would add a drop or 2.  It tasted great! It supported my hydration and it helped ward off some of the nausea!!

thieves mints

Now I don’t know about you all, and I have no idea if this is even normal (as my precious Dr told me in all her years she hadn’t ever dealt with someone like me) but off and on through out the day, specially of the morning, I could taste a metallic taste in my mouth as if I had just popped some coins in my mouth and began chewing away on them. (Now hear me out, if you also have this issue PLEASE seek advice from your Dr! It just turns out that I had no issues related with this other than the metallic taste). So to battle this one I kept my thieves mints close at hand, they are strong enough to cover that metallic taste and I was supporting my immune system at the same time! Win-win yet again!!

expecting joy through the nausea and heartburn
Sweet baby, makes it all worth it!

Last but by no measure the least…. heartburn…aka acid reflux…aka my throat is on fire!!!

I’ve had this with every single one of my pregnancies! I’ve tried the OTC meds and I’ve tried the prescribed meds and yes they dull it for a moment but then it comes right back! I’m always left with the unsettling feeling of “will any of that hurt my unborn baby”, is that risk really worth cooling the burn momentarily? Oh ladies I HATE that internal struggle, I felt so selfish! I just needed to find relief and then it was back to feeling selfish again. So this go round I promised myself that I wouldn’t take any of the meds and that I would do everything I could to manage through it, cover that in a lot of prayer and by george I figured a way to push through it!

First off, watch what you are putting in your system, forgo the caffeine, sweets, chocolate, all that stuff you know is bad for you… find the will power, be in control of your body don’t let it be in control of you. I know this is terribly hard to start with but after about a week or so it becomes easier. If you need something sweet seek fruit, a little agave nectar or honey.  YOU CAN DO THIS!! 
copaiba vitality heartburn

Even with choosing to eat healthier, sticking with my supplements and not eating past 7pm  the burn still found me in the middle of my last trimester. So here we go, now what am I going to do?! Research…. come to find out Copaiba can help with such things!! I had this little oil sitting on my shelf, unopened because honestly I didn’t know how to use it or what to use it for.  So night one: 30 minutes before bed, I place a drop neat directly to my throat and slept until nearly 2 before the burn returned! This was HUGE FOR ME!! So I continued on this path for about a week or so then the burn got increasingly worse, to the point that I grabbed a spoon full of honey, added a drop of Copaiba to it and poof! IT WORKED!! IT WORKED!!  Praise the Lord it worked!!  I would have to take this again in the middle of the night, almost always at 2am, which turned out being my little one’s feeding schedule. But I made it through this pregnancy without taking any meds and for that I am so thankful!! You may also find useful to read this: best travel pack and plays to buy in 2019.


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