We are ALL beautiful!
You ARE sexy!
You ARE worthy!!

God made you special by design!!

It all starts with a positive loving mindset!

I’m so excited to know you are joining us for how to’s on balancing women’s hormones to increase libido with essential oils which is why we also recommend these quality rabbit vibrators

I’m even more thankful to know that I am not alone!!

Please note that we are all different and unique therefore what works best for me might not work best for you, don’t give up! You can totally find your “sweet spot” mix too!

So first lets start with some quick tips on applying oils for the bedroom:

First off go buy the book: Lucy Libido on Amazon its only $10 and worth every penny!

2ndly before applying oils “down there” first apply to your forearm, trust me you do not want to learn the hard way the difference between a “hot oil” that should have been diluted and one that is good to go. And if you do find yourself “on fire” DO NOT jump in the bath tub! Oils and water do not mix!

Instead  grab the closest carrier oil and dilute, dilute, DILUTE!

Ok enough of the boring stuff let’s get started!!

Progessence Plus:

So for real…
after 4 kids I was still in denial. I mean really I’m not 40 yet why on earth would I need anything like this? I’m not old!

LOL yeah so pretty much any woman that has a visit from “Aunt Flow” can benefit from this gem, specially this Momma of 4 who was “never in the mood.”

Ya’ll if you get NOTHING else from this class here me now…

3 days… 3 DAYS!!

Thats all it took for me to notice a difference with this oil.

Apply to ankle, wrists, behind ears, back of neck… shoot I don’t even care just get it on your body EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!

And I’ve heard it even helps with those pesky little migraines that show up about the same time every month!


Everyone is looking for the secret ingredient to balance. Work, life, and Lucy is here to tell us about hormonal balance!!

She describes it best as the Scorpion pose from yoga!!

You’re entire body must be balanced just right to hold it all together! And here are the “balancing oils” to help us all with our hormones! I personally apply Endoflex down the sides of my neck every morning and it gives me a boost of energy!

Ylang Ylang!!

Hello sweet aphrodisiac oil!!

This is one of the ingredients in both Joy and Sensation. It increases the libido in women and men tend to respond well to the scent. 

So throw some of this one in your diffuser, then go ahead and get frisky and apply it directly to your inner thigh…

go on try it! 

Boom chica wow WOW!!


Cypress = Blood flow
Blood flow = Magic!

You are welcome!

This one is great for the Mr. and the Mrs.!

Lucy refers to this one the “thigh master!”

You must try it! Go ahead, apply it to the Mr. and yourself!!

And fun side note, you can use this on unsightly veins and your hiney and watch the magic!

Clary Sage:

Oh I have a love/hate relationship with this one!!

It is great to have on hand during the “red time” of the month and the week after while estrogen levels are low. Or when you cry at the drop of a hat over nothing… yep thats another tell tell sign of low estrogen.

Cypress has been used forever and a day for hormonal balance in women.

Women are naturally more “in the mood” when our estrogen levels are higher, cause thats when we are more likely to conceive and that is just another part of Gods beautiful design!

This little gem can also be helpful about 9 months AFTER the oils have “worked to well” and you need that precious little miracle to get out already!! Try a few drops in a capsule every hour on the hour to help increase/speed up your labor (please check with your midwife or Dr. first).

Trust me… this little gem caused me a lot of pain and I’m not sure I have completely forgiven her yet!


Oh I love this oil! Did you know it was originally called love?!

I think it smells like happiness in a bottle and for the love please give it to me every time my every day life has me ready to pull my hair out!

Try placing it over your heart, take a deep breath and apply to your wrists!  Shoot,who we kidding, just put it in a spray bottle and spray everyone you come into contact with! j/k … well kindda.

And at night go on and apply this one on your thigh all the way up to your leg crease and a little more on your lower abdomen. And if the Mr. enjoys the smell too… well then you can get really wild and place a drop between your cleavage too!


So this is like a “light version” of Joy for all of those who don’t love Joy. (which if you actually don’t love Joy then we can no longer be friends, lol.)

So if you’re looking for the effects of Joy without the floral smell, you have found your oil.

Use it on those days you’re over scheduled and over stressed and basically are glaring at your Mr. with the
if you touch me you’ll die“, try this one!

It will also help remove all those negative mental blocks.

Valor or Valor II :

Afraid you won’t do anything right?
Second guessing your every move?

Yep. Been there. Struggled greatly!


Consider this one your preparation oil! While you’re shaving or picking out that sexy little outfit, apply this one to your wrists, over heart, back of neck, diffuse it or do ALL OF THE ABOVE!!

It will bring out your courageous side!!

You ARE enough!! Exactly who you are right now! And this little bottle is going to continue to remind you of that!

So here we go… made it through the first 1/2 of this class, now we’re switching gear to start taking care of the Mr.

Join us for the 2nd half of “Love School” coming soon!

Thanks so much for joining us! If you ever have any questions or would like to start your journey with essential oils please email me! I would love to help!


Donna Wysong

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  1. I think we need to be friends. Seriously. I’m about to order these oils because I need an overhaul of my low libido/high anxiety world. Hello, menopause! (I joined Young Living over a year ago, but I’m just starting to figure out it will help me!)