Thanks so much for joining us for our 2nd edition of “Love school”!

Our first class was all about her, now we’re going to switch gears and learn more about essential oils to help balance and enhance the hubby’s hormone replacement treatment.

If you miss the first class you can find it here!

Idaho Blue Spruce

This is nature’s version of the “little blue magic pill”…
know what I mean?

Its going to bring the “little soldier” to stand at attention!
But not in a crazy “not appropriate time” or for longer than really needed.

You can be diffuse this oil, apply topically or take internally.

So go ahead and try this one in the “warm up” session.


For when you want the Mr.’s “rod” to be “golden”!

According to the University of Montreal in Canada it was found to help with “deflated hoses and firmness.”


Careful with this one!!

Dilute. Dilute. Dilute!!

As Lucy puts it “its another blood pumping must have!”

Its a stimulate and aphrodisiac oil!!

Yeah… enough said. Get this one too… Lucy said so! 


Mister was specially formulated for the hubbies for balancing male energy and supporting healthy prostate function.

It can also be found soothing when used in an epsom salt bath. Take care of their skin by buying the best face soap for men.


So we might have saved the best Hubby oil for last!

Have you all smelled this one?! A-MAZ-ING!!!

For real, it was released as a cologne but it doesn’t just smell amazing!

It totally catches the Mrs.’s attention and is working with those sweet smelling pheromones in ALL the right ways!

Trust me, don’t allow him to apply this BEFORE work unless he can call in sick!

We made it!!

Who is still here with us?!

And are you sitting there with a paper bag over your head or are you mixing up your first batch of “love potion”?

Either way,

Thanks for spending this evening with us!

*we cannot be held personally responsible for a baby boom  remember latex and coconut oil do not mix!

Sweet dreams dear friends!

~Donna Wysong


Parker, Co

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