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Hello Friends!
Thank you for joining us tonight to learn some Secrets from Modern Hippies! ✌️✌️

Tonight we will be discussing how we use the oils in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit (PSK), because ***spoiler alert*** That is secret number 1! The PSK is the best investment you will ever make and the best way to bring the highest quality Essential Oils into your wellness arsenal.

The posts will each have some text, graphics and a short video to watch as we dive into all the fun!

The first video is an introduction to us, Jodi and Amber and why we got started with Young Living.

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Also, please keep in mind we are not doctors! ????


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What are Essential Oils, and how to I get them?

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Simply put, Essential Oils are plant juice. ????

Plants have been linked to the wellness of man since the beginning of time. The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Europeans, and Asian cultures have all used them for centuries for health, beauty, fragrance, and spiritual practices. Mother Nature ????has provided everything we need for our bodies to survive and thrive, we just have to access it! They can be distilled with high and low temperature steam, cold pressing or chemicals???????? (which Young Living DOES NOT USE…????whew!) They can also be obtained through resin tapping.

There are a few ways to get Essential Oils with Young Living. The first way is retail. You can buy anything we have at retail price. But the better way is to get the Premium Starter Kit (PSK)!

The PSK comes with the following…
????Diffuser of your choice
????12 oils
????24% off (wholesale pricing) all future purchases as long as you are a member
????goodies in the bottom of the box to be divulged in another video (Can’t giveaway all the secrets at once)
????Plus access to a whole new family of Oil loving like minded people!

In the next few posts we will go over why getting Essential Oils from Young Living is vitally imporant as opposed to getting them somewhere else.


How do I use Essential Oils and what is Seed to Seal?

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There are 3 ways to use Essential Oils
????Internally (with Young Living EO’s ONLY) and Seed to Seal is why!

Story Time! ???? Let’s say you need to cut the grass in your yard. You head out there and can’t WAIT to use what you just got, because you got a SCREAMING DEAL on them at the store! ???? In fact, you didn’t even realize the store had them there because you went there for diapers and the store specializes in discount items and some food and clothes and autoparts and lawn furniture and toys and electronics and you get the idea. So you head outside and start cutting your grass with your brand new super sharp pair of……… SCISSORS ✂️????‍♀️????‍♂️????. HARD STOP????????. The scissors will cut the grass, yes. But do you reallllly think they are the right tool for the job? Why would you buy oils at a store that does not specialize in oils? If you asked a store employee how to use them or where the plants were grown or what the testing is like for that product would they even have a CLUE????? NOPE. You would be lucky if they knew where they were located in the store let alone why buying Essential Oils from them MATTERS.

When you choose to get oils from Young Living, you choose transparency. Quality. Commitment. Purity. You choose to be educated on what you are using and putting on and in your family. You are choosing to link arms with friends that will help guide you down a path of wellness, not to aisle 14 past the paper towels and to the left of the plungers. ???????? Do you want a brand new super sharp pair of scissors on clearance (big box store or online retailer that sells everything under the sun) or do you want the right tool for the job? I’d choose a self propelled super efficient brand new lawn mower (Young Living, the world leader in Essential Oils and the Seed to Seal Promise) to cut my grass, I don’t know about you. You want the lawn mower hands DOWN right? ???????????????? Essential Oils are not regulated by the FDA. This means that that bottle from the big box store can say it’s 100% pure Therapeutic Grade EO. Secret time????! Odds are super good, that’s a big ol’ fib. With Young Living’s Seed to Seal promise, it’s a FACT. And we can prove it. ????

You can visit www.seedtoseal.com to learn more about Seed to Seal and why it is so important but HERE IS ANOTHER SECRET!!!! At convention I got to chat with the manager of one of our world wide farms. He told me that if anyone that works at the farm comes to work in a bad mood, he sends them home for the day on the spot. I asked why. He said “because the plants are important. They give us the oil that we love and trust. I refuse to allow ANY negativity around the plants because I don’t want the bad energy to affect the plants in any way.” Mic Drop. This dude gets all my respect.



A Quick note on Saftey!

We are diving into the PSK next!




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Lemon ????
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Here is another secret. Peppermint does not go in your eye. I may or may not be speaking from experience here. You are welcome. ????????Peppermint is a “hot” oil, which means that it will “feel some type-a-way”. If you do not like the sensation of an oil when you use it topically, you can always calm it down by following it with a carrier oil. Think coconut oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil or any fatty oil you have on hand. Remeber oil and water don’t mix!





Probably one of everyone’s FAVORITE oils!

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Secret! Did you know that Young Living is the ONLY COMPANY IN THE WORLD that can legally export certain types of Frankincense from Oman when it is grown? Yep! We are trusted because of our Seed to Seal promise to bring it to the world. It’s called Sacred Frankincense and it is a bit different than the Frankincense you will get in your kit, but it is equally amazing!

Google Health Benefits of Frankincense. ????





Not the people that steal things, the oil ????

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Time for a tiny reality check. Think about this for a second. What do you clean your kitchen counter with right now? Go grab that bottle and read the caution section. What does it advise you to do if you ingest it? Does it involve poison control☠️? Probably. So can you tell me why in the green planet earth you would wipe the counters that you PREPARE FOOD ON with it? The counters where you set your dishes and untensils? Read that again, let it sink in. I’ll wait. ???????????????? When you know better, you do better! There are countless videos all over the interwebs showing how much better Thieves Household Cleaner works than toxic alternatives. I, for one, enjoy knowing that if my dog licks the floor, my husband obeys the 5 second rule (or just decides that a cutting board is optional) or my kiddos find that chip they dropped this morning and decide to eat it from where it landed, there is no chemical nasty that they are ingesting along with it. ????

We have an ENTIRE line of Thieves products and there is also a PSK with only Thieves, so if you have questions about what is in that kit, reach out to the person who invited you and they can get you more information!

Secret! The Thieves Household Cleaner is super concentrated. With one bottle of it, you can get about 20 +/- spray bottles of cleaner! You put a cap full in the bottle, top it off with water and you can clean it all. It’s super cost effective and a great non toxic way to clean all the things! Safe arounf kiddos, safe around pets! You can also put it in your windshield fluid reservoir of your car and top it off with water. TADAAAA! Non Toxic, environmentally safe windshield washer fluid that smells great.




Citrus Fresh

*****click here*****>>>>> ????https://bit.ly/2KDQzna ????

Sunshine in a bottle!





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Digize does what you need done. I have no clue how it knows how, but it sure does!





*****click here*****>>>>> ????https://bit.ly/2OMulEY ????




Stress Away

Need we say more? Ok we will…

*****click here*****>>>>> ????https://bit.ly/2yLG8IH ????

Stress Away is one of the only oils we have that has Vanilla in it. Lime is in there too and it makes a match made in heaven!

Mix Stress Away, Lavender and Stress Away to help support your emotions if you are going through a rough time. This is the mix that helped me through some serious stuffs.

Secret! A great place to put Stress Away is your outer ears! My hubs swears by it.





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*****click here*****>>>>> ????https://bit.ly/2GV78tZ ????

Secret! Learn why Amber didn’t like the smell of Raven at first. When you smell an EO and are not a fan of the smell, it is your body reacting to the gunk that the oil is cleaning out of your cells! So if you are not a fan of the smell, you probably really need it!




Peace and Calming

*****click here*****>>>>> ????https://bit.ly/2KqhZ13 ????

Powerhouse for stopping out of control emotions for people of all ages!



Wait there is MORE?

Yes! You get 2 packets of Ningxia Red in the bottom of the box! 
Ningxia Red is a superhero in a bottle and an antioxidant powerhouse!

*****click here*****>>>>> ????https://bit.ly/2OOpRhb ????

There is also a Ningia Red PSK if you are interested in just Ninxia, reach out to the person that invited you to this class to learn more about getting started with that!




Wait. Still more?!

Yes! There is more that you get!

*****click here*****>>>>> ????https://bit.ly/2M8nQdA ????

The PSK normally comes with a packet of Thieves Household Cleaner, but due to an issue with leaking packets during shipping, it has been temporarily replaced with a bottle of Thieves Spray.

We are now able to tell you that we also include a bottle of Thieves Hand Sanitizer (it used to be called purifier but the FDA thinks we rock so we can now say what it really is, which is a SANITIZER! ????????????)



Essential Rewards!

*****click here*****>>>>> ????https://bit.ly/2GYaiNp ????

Essential Rewards is probably my FAVORITE thing about being a Young Living Member. Not even gonna lie. I ????????????????????????(love) free things. No Brainer. Get paid back, plus free things, plus more free things and discounted shipping to live a cleaner lifestyle? YEASSSS PLEEZE.




PSK Details!

Your PSK options with Pricing are here! The PSK is worth over $400.00 retail so when you get it in the PSK starting at $165.00 (depending on the diffuser you choose) it is a MASSIVE value and huge savings!

Remember you can use your PSK as your first Essential Rewards order, so it is really a no brainer to get both at the same time. You can use my link to enroll ( https://bit.ly/2OLaPbS Then choose you were referred by a member and enter 13037187 in both boxes) or reach out to the person who invited you tonight when you are ready to sign up. They can help answer questions you have about what you might want to try on your next Essential Rewards order as well! I started going around my house and finding things that I wanted to swap out and buy through Young Living instead of the grocery store. ???????? There are over 600 products that Young Living offers so there is literally something for everyone of all ages, including pets! If you choose not to continue on Essential Rewards, no worries! You are not locked in and can cancel at any time, just make sure you redeem your points before cancelling that program or they disappear!

SECRET! If you cancel Essential Rewards, you still retain all of your Young Living Membership perks like the wholesale pricing and support and education!

I have also included a few graphics with some diffuser blend ideas and roller bottle recipes for your viewing pleasure ????

Thank you all SO much for stopping by to learn with us tonight!




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