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Essential Oils and Pets!

Did you know you can use your oils (and other products!) on your pets?

We’ve pulled together our joint knowledge from our personal experience using YL oils and products on our pets – PLUS! Kiely has been an Emergency Vet Tech for 12+ yrs!

And guess what else? Megan has been to the AWESOME Animal Scents Conference that Young Living puts on so MAN! This group is STACKED with knowledge!

Oh. And don’t forget our TRUSTY Animal Desk Reference books!

Please keep ALL of that in mind while you pour over this information.

Because trust us – you’ll find a lot of JUNK out there about oils and pets – MOST (all) of which are NOT awesome Young Living products that are held to the high standards we all know and love – m’kay?

So! Let’s get going!
Real quick we’re going share some facts about pets, their owners, and health.

Studies have shown that upwards of 50% of the American population has used complementary and alternative medical treatments including herbs, supplements, and essential oils to optimize their health. As people broaden their horizons for their own health, they are increasingly seeking to take care of their pets in the most natural way they can as well. How many here can relate to that?!

I’m sure you can or you wouldn’t be here right?

In addition, people are becoming more conscious of the importance of a clean, toxin-free home for health and realizing this impacts their pets as well.

If you could find a way to help your pets stay healthy, happy and long-lived using non-toxic substances that are safe and effective would you at least want to give it a try?

Here we go!


Post #2. Safety and Disclaimer

Simple choices make all the difference in the world!

This class is going help you feel more confident in using oils with your pets.

Don’t get overwhelmed by all the info. Take some notes and come back to them over the week ahead.

We always recommend easing into these new adjustments one oil/product at a time. Come back to this information and absorb it slowly.

We’re so excited to GET STARTED!

Introduce yourself, tell us where you’re tuning in from and show us a picture of your sweet fur balls!


Guess what? We’re not veterinarians or doctors, just fur-loving mommas who use oils on our pets!

Here is what we DO know from our experience…
Dilute, dilute, DILUTE! We’ll share more about ratios ahead, but a lot of the same safety precautions apply with pets!

Do NOT use oils on or around eyes of your pets.

Pets are much more SMELL sensitive than we are – so be kind to their senses.

-It is NOT necessary to get the oil directly onto the skin’s surface for absorption. Hair follicles will actually aid in the absorption of the essential oil, allowing basic petting (and yes, even diffusion), to be absorbed into the animal.

Do NOT trust Pinterest or the internet in general as a reliable source of what to or not to use! (We trust the Animal Desk Reference and get our information from there! Always check any oily suggestions found online against the Animal Desk Reference or other trusted resources.)

Do NOT mask/fix the effect/problem of one oil with another essential oil. For example, do not apply Lavender to skin that was irritated with another essential oil in an attempt to calm it. It could create more discomfort.

Introduce oils SLOWLY

DO dilute your oils/products as needed according to weight.

The information contained on this class is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information represents what we, Independent Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils, have chosen to do to take charge of our own personal health and that of my family (including our furbabies). Statements on this class have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If your furbaby is pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or has a medical condition, consult your vet before using these products.

Information found on this site is meant for educational and informational purposes only, and to motivate you to make your own health care and dietary decisions based upon your own research and in partnership with your healthcare provider. It should not be relied upon to determine dietary changes, a medical diagnosis or courses of treatment. Individual articles and information on other websites are based upon the opinions of the respective authors, who retain copyright as marked.


Post #3. How to use oils and a few tips:

So how do you use them with your pets?

Guess what? This works the same way on them as it does on you!

+In your diffuser
+Apply to your hands and let them sniff at a distance
+Spray into air
+On cloth, cotton ball, or bedding
+Hot water/steam (like in a bathroom shower) to create steam room

+Dilute and add to hand while petting your animal
-ear tipping
+Making a spray and spritzing on pet (away from face)
+A rollerball for direct application
+In shampoo

+Over dog food
+In a veggie capsule
+In water

**NOTE: be sure to offer an unflavored water as well, you don’t want them rejecting water and getting dehydrated

+Mixed into a “toothpaste” of 2tbsp baking soda and some coconut oil to make a paste.

***NOTE: do NOT use YL toothpastes or over the counter human toothpastes many contain xylitol which is HIGHLY toxic to dogs.

1. We always recommend wearing oils on yourself while around your pets. It’s a great way to get them used to their lovely botanical smells slowly!

2. Then gradually start adding more, diffusing more and incorporate VERY diluted oils into some doggy massage to get them use to the sensation and smell

3. When diffusing oils around your pets, always make sure you diffuse in a larger room, and leave the door open. Your animals should ALWAYS be able to get away from the smell/diffuser if they don’t like it.

Remember, the diffuser sprays mist up into the air, but what goes up must come down to the ground. And our furbabies are often laying on that ground. Proper placement of the diffuser opposite of your pets resting area is important!

4. But one of the best ways to find out what oils would benefit your animal is to let THEM choose their oils. Self selection is the easiest way for the animal to communicate to you what oil they would like/need. Often times they’re better at that than we are. Their reality is based of smell, while human’s is based on sight. Open a few bottles and allow they to go to the oil that they are drawn to. An animal will eat the oil they like. This is why QUALITY is SO important when dealing with animals!

Have you used oils around your pet already? Share what you have used.

Haven’t used oils with your pets yet, let us know where you would place a diffuser that would be safe for you pets.


Post #4. Dilution

Dilution Recommendations

It’s always better to dilute… so when in doubt dilute dilute dilute!

A good rule of thumb for smaller animals like cats and small dogs is to dilute 90% prior to applying
***That’s 1 drop oil for 9 drops carrier oil***

Once you have diluted the mix you want to use only use 1-3 drops of the diluted mixture.

Here are dilutions ratios you can follow for your furriest loves:
0-15 lbs: 90% dilution

15-25 lbs: 75+% dilution
***1 drop of EO to 4+ drops carrier oil***

26-50 lbs: 50-75% dilution

50-75 lbs: 40-50% dilution

76-100 lbs: 25-40% dilution

100-150 lbs: 10-25% dilution

150+ lbs: no dilution

Possible carrier oils for pets…
Young Living Animal Scents Ointment
Young Living V-6 Carrier Oil Blend
Coconut, EVO, Avocado, Jojoba Grapeseed (Yes grapes are toxic to dogs but grapeseed oil is NOT toxic! So have no fear ???? )


Post #5. Animal Scents Line

Introducing: The Animal Scents Line!

Did you know that Young Living has an ENTIRE line of blends and products formulated just for pets! (But I’ve totally used them on myself too! No joke…)

????T-Away: T-Away oil contains frankincense and 2 other emotion-balancing essential oils, and is designed to help animals release any negative effects of abuse, neglect, or other emotionally traumatic events from a previous experience or owner. It is pre-diluted in coconut oil. Add 1 drop behind each ear to calm during times of grief or agitation. Diffuse daily to support positive emotional perseverance.

????Paragize: ParaGize – Apply to the belly area to soothe the stomach. Nice digestive supporting oils such as ginger, anise, peppermint, fennel (I have actually used this myself when I was out of DiGize!).

????RepelAroma: RepelAroma – a unique combination of purifying and invigorating Citronella, Idaho Tansy, Palo Santo, and Tea Tree essential oils—your pet will love being outside!

Dilute in a spray bottle or apply topically.
***RepelAroma is current Out of Stock – be sure to watch out in our members group for updates on it’s return!

????Shampoo: I love our Animal Scents Shampoo! It’s very mild, so I can add oils if needed. When my dogs are struggling with dry skin, I’ll add a drop of Lavender and Melrose! (My dogs are 60 & 65 pounds.)

????Animal Scents Ointment: Paws down our favorite Animal Scents product! Great for humans and fur types alike, this ointment has endless purposes. When in doubt? Grab from ASO and give it a try. It also works wonders as a Carrier Oil. Animal Scents® Ointment is a protective, soothing salve designed specifically for external use on animals. The gentle and safe formula is enhanced with pure Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia) and Myrrh, two of nature’s most powerful essential oils.

????Animal Scents Dental Pet Chew: Oral care is just as important for your furry friends as it is for you, but cleaning teeth is easy to neglect when it involves holding down your pet as you struggle with a toothbrush. Now maintaining a happy and clean mouth is as simple as tossing your pet an Animal Scents pet chew!

These snacks are free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, so you know you’re giving your pet the best. Plus, Animals Scents Dental Pet Chews are made with grooves that work with animals’ instinctive chewing style and include naturally derived ingredients, so they’re easy to eat and digest. To ensure you get the very best in animal care and dog health, we also formulated these treats to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles for adult dog maintenance. Toss the toothbrush and instead support your pet’s oral care with this simple snack! Or to prevent boredom hide the pet chews around the house or place them in puzzle feeders to have them work to get them out.

????Animal Scents Cat Treats: Animal Scents® Cat Treats are tasty and convenient snacks formulated without artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or fillers and are made of high-quality, natural ingredients. These treats come in zipper pouches to seal in freshness.

They are…
-Great reward for good behavior
-Infused with Ginger essential oil
-Delicious taste and crunchy texture
-3 calories per treat
-Made with naturally derived ingredients
-Contains no wheat, soy, corn, or fillers
-Formulated without artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
What Animal Scents product is your favorite?
Did you know? A portion of all proceeds from Animal Scents products goes to support Vital Ground, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the habitat of grizzly bears and other wide-roaming wildlife.

There are 3 more oils specific to the Animal Scents line that we will touch on together in this post as they were designed to be used together as a set!
+Infect Away
+Puriclean ***Puriclean is current Out of Stock – be sure to watch out in the Essential Exchance for updates on it’s return!

Our pets are subject to the same stresses to their skin as we are, and there is nothing better than essential oils to help support healthy skin and tissue!

In the event of stress to the skin, Purification oil or PuriClean in the Animal Scents Collection are great choices for topical application. Both blends contain oils known for gentle cleansing abilities.

–Dilute Purification oil for use on cats and smaller dogs. –PuriClean is pre-diluted in coconut oil.

–Put 8–10 drops of either Purification or PuriClean in a 1-oz. spray bottle with distilled water for a quick and easy skin-cleansing spritz.

After using PuriClean or Purification, you can use either Infect Away or Frankincense oil on site. Dilute frankincense for use on cats and smaller animals.

–Infect Away is pre-diluted in coconut oil.

–You can also put 8–10 drops of InfectAway or frankincense in a 1-oz. spray bottle with distilled water and spray on site to support the skin’s health.

Lastly, after using the oils above for at least a few days, you can use Mendwell or lavender oil on site to further support healthy skin. Again, dilute for cats and smaller animals.

Young Living’s Animal Scents Ointment is a fantastic, non-toxic ointment to use on cuts and scrapes or skin irritations of any kind either by itself or along with the oils I already mentioned. It deeply moisturizes and nourishes stressed skin, and also seals in the oils. I’m going to let you in on a secret: It’s not JUST good for animals, it is great for humans, most of the ingredients match up to our rose ointment (except the rose) and it comes in this tub about 4 times the size of rose ointment and costs less 

In the event of bites and stings from insects, apply a dab of diluted Purification or PuriClean on site to help soothe.

Another thing that the animal desk reference talks about is that dogs who take longevity softgels are less “appetizing” to biting insects. Longevity is a high powered blend of antioxidants and is indicated whenever you want something to live longer. Soooo you should be taking them daily and well if you want your furbabies to live life to the fullest then consider adding longevity to the regimen.



Post #6. You Can Use People Oils Too!

Next we’ll go through some of our favorite oils for our pets! We highly recommend making a small roller (1-2 ml) to start with. Like humans, all animals react differently to oils. What works for our furbaby may or may not work for yours.

Once you find that perfect blend, make a larger roller. (Just remember, carrier oil can spoil, so only make what you’ll use in a few months.)

Also – as always with pets DILUTE!

Make sure you watch for the recipe posts with graphics on making your own goodies for your lovies!


Post #7 Copaiba

One of the more underestimated oils around – Copaiba is ESSENTIAL for your pets! Especially those that are aging!

It is a fantastic, mild essential oil to add to drinking water and is beneficial to overall health. Copaiba oil comes from a tree that grows in Brazil, the tree is resin tapped and the gum resin is then steam distilled. (Much like the process to obtain Frankincense)

You can add a drop to a bowl of water for your dog.

Some cats even enjoy it, however, they often like less.

You can dip a toothpick into the top part of the copaiba oil bottle then swirl it in the water bowl. Add a few drops to a horse trough.

**Remember: also offer a bowl of plain water just incase your pet does not enjoy copaiba.

Copaiba is almost scentless and is also a great oil amplifier. So applying it with another oil helps to amplify the effects of the other oil.

Incidentally, cats who don’t like copaiba oil in their water will usually be fine when it’s added to their food. You can add a drop of copaiba to a cat’s wet food to help support their overall health and soothe any bodily irritations.

Another way to encourage your pet to ingest small amounts of copaiba oil is to pet them with that oil on your hands. They will lick it off their fur as they groom themselves and benefit as a result.

This is one that my 11 yr old dog gets regularly and I can majorly tell when I forget to give it to her as she does not get around nearly as well. She has a bad case of HIGHCHAIR DISEASE…aka I had kids and she gained about 30 pounds. 30 pounds does bad things to aging dog hips. She gets copaiba in a capsule (I just fill a capsule) and she thinks she’s a puppy again and even occasionally still catches a rabbit in the backyard!

GOOGLE ALERT: Copaiba oil has the highest levels of beta-caryophyllene of any essential oil and is also extremely high in alpha-humulene. Find out why we recommend this oil so highly for overall health!


Post #8 Peace and Calming!

Y’all ever have one of those days where the WHOLE DANG HOUSE needs to chill…pets included?

Enter Peace & Calming.

Just a few drops in the diffuser will settle the whole house, and keep this fur momma sane!

Peace and Calming is also a great way to prep your little fur love for a trip to the vet. Dilute the blend for your pet’s size and give that pooch a nice (outer!) ear massage.

Need a bit more? Add in some TAway to boost the benefit of each blend!

Thunder shy? Make sure to diffuse Peace & Calming when you know a storms a brewin’!

What about when you leave the house? YUP! Peace & Calming should go your Desert Mist diffuser so it can be with your pet all day long! (try it on low mist!)

Make sure you go back and find the amazing recipes that were posted before the class 


Post #9 Common Sense:

You may remember seeing pictures of my sweet furbabies on social media – the two grey pit mixes on the yellow couch? Cute right?

But man… as cute as they are – they often MAJORLY lack some common sense…

I’m talking panty raids (literally going into drawers and laundry baskets ????) mud holes in the backyard, jumping on the counter to eat an 8oz block of cheese…

They may be cute (and very well trained – for treats!) but they are not always smart 

Oh sweet little furbabies. Sometimes their decision making is not always the best. ????

Thankfully this is a GREAT blend to use for those days!

It’s been used for clarity, confusion, decision making, focus, grounding, irritation, nervous system, mental fatigue, relaxing, and stress…

So basically, all the time with fur babies right?!

This one is a great one to diffuse for your animal or apply to yourself while working with them to learn a new trick and want their brain function to be at its highest.

Let’s help all our pets make better decisions!

PS – it’s great for humans too 


Post #10. Stress Away

Oh Stress Away. A Young Living member favorite. So it makes sense that our fur babies can love this one too!

I have seen people use this oil for stress and nervousness for dogs and horses.

A Vet friend told me that the horses really like the vanilla smell. I personally put this one in the diffuser but there are those that have used this on the brain-stem or ear tips of the animal–diluted properly of course 

It works great for any time that they experience stress, for example Fourth of July! Or car trips! Even using this to relax muscles when they are tightening!


Post #11 Essential Rewards

If you are ordering oils, I really hope that someone has told you about Essential Rewards!

If you haven’t heard of Essential Rewards (ER), let’s chat just a little bit about that shall we?

I truly think if I forget to tell someone about ER then I have done them an injustice because this is REALLY the only way we should be ordering oils and products.

By ordering your oils on ER you receive points back that can be used in the future to purchase more oils FREE.

You only have to spend 50PV per month, although, I usually spend more because hello! We use our oils and supplements!

BONUS there is no yearly contract, you can cancel at any time and it makes it SO easy to keep your products in stock in your home.

So let’s say your furbaby LOVES Lavender and Stress Away. Well, you don’t want to run out right?

So on your ER you order a bottle of each a month. This covers the 50PV and allows you to earn points so that if you’d like to try something like the amazing Animal Scents Ointment, you can use your accrued points and have that for FREE!

I like to save mine and go on a shopping spree for all the things I want to try but aren’t in the budget that month!


Post #12. Thank You!

And that’s a WRAP! Thanks friends for joining us! Have further questions about essential oils and pets? Let us know!

We’re aren’t experts but there are LOTS of fur mommas in here that can help!

Still not sure about the whole “safe to use oils with cats/dogs?”

Make sure you watch and read through these posts carefully – we all have pets that are still alive and THRIVING and we’ve used oils for years.

Just remember… it’s similar to using oils on kids.

Educate yourself on YOUNG LIVING oils and products, then follow your gut on using DILUTED oils.

You’ve got this fur momma!

to get started with a premium starter kit and receive 24% off all pet products along with all YL products check with the person who invited or go here: www.faithfuldroppers.com/getting-started

for more info on pets:

Lindsey Elmore’s post: https://lindseyelmore.com/safety-essential-oils-pets/

Huge shout out to Ginny Patton Pucci & Megan Harrouff for their wisdom and info!

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